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Quantum Assurance increases answer and conversion rates ...

Connecting businesses with their customers is core to what we do and has become increasingly critical over the past several months. That’s ... >
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Hiya Finds 2.1 Billion Spam Calls made in Canada in 2019; ...

Hiya, the industry leader in nuisance and scam call protection, has seen spam calls rise 49% since this time last year (January through ... >

CNN: Trump signs robo-call bill into law

President Donald Trump signed a bill on Monday that increases fines on criminal robocall violations and cracks down on companies making the ... >

Hiya Ranks in Built in Seattle’s Best Small Companies to ...

As we close out 2019, we are honored to end the year by being named Built In Seattle’s #3 pick in their “50 Best Small Companies” list and ... >

Hiya Partners with Pango to Protect Global Customers ...

Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the global security and privacy company Pango, as they add Hiya’s global fraud and ... >

Scammers Capitalizing on COVID-19: Hiya Sees Over 850% ...

Robocallers are capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic, with phone scams tied to stimulus checks being sent by the U.S. government ... >

CBS Evening News: Number of robocalls soars in 2017

We spoke to CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor about how our data shows that robocalls made to consumers reached an all time high in 2017, ... >

Top Eight Reasons to Text vs. Call

Text messages: short, sweet, and efficient. While there are still times when a phone call is better than a text, there remain many ... >

Hiya Beefs up Business Development Team With Three Seasoned ...

Around the world, billions upon billions of mobile phone calls are made every single day, and yet the phone app has remained unchanged ... >

Hiya calls for industry standard to compare robocall ...

Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) and Hiya recently released the findings from a new study that assessed how well spam detection solution ... >

FCC Chairman Confirms Action Will Be Taken If Carriers Do ...

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai did not take kindly to the lack of effort carriers had shown in his request to implement “robust caller ID ... >

FCC Becomes More Impatient, Demanding Industry-Wide ...

The FCC joins consumers in their growing frustration in phone carriers not yet providing an industry wide solution to the robocall problem. >

Hiya Finds Robocalls Increase by 1 Billion From Last Quarter

As the heat rises this summer, so are the number of robocalls! Increasing by a billion from last quarter, we most recently found that in ... >

U.S. Senate Questions Government Officials & Kingpin of ...

This morning in Washington, the robocall issue continued to heat up in advance to the FCC-FTC’s Stop Illegal Robocalls Expo that Hiya will ... >

Hiya CEO Joins Panel at FCC-FTC Joint Policy Forum On ...

Last Friday, the FCC and FTC hosted a joint policy forum on “Fighting the Scourge of Illegal Robocalls. The event highlighted the actions ... >

FCC Takes Further Steps to “Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls”

At today’s FCC November Open Commission Meeting, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and fellow FCC commissioners voted in favor of “advanced methods to ... >

Hiya raises $18 M in series A funding to fight robocalls

Today, Hiya announced that they received $18 million in a series A funding round to “pursue its business of helping carriers defend their ... >

Robocall Complaints Hit New Record in 2017

Despite all the efforts the FCC and FTC have made to try and stop the flood of robocalls coming through to consumers, Nasdaq has just ... >

FCC Approves New Rules Regarding Robocalls

As they continue their search for a successful solution to the fight against robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission approved new ... >

Attorneys General Across the U.S. Demand New Rules Against ...

If you thought you were sick and tired of the number of spam and scam callers tricking you into picking up their so-called local calls, ... >
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Pennsylvania Health Plan Fooling Customers Across the Nation

In this day and age, people are becoming more health conscious and want to provide themselves with the best medical care they deserve. ... >

FCC Chairman Pai holds March Open and continues fight ...

When Ajit Pai was appointed the new FCC Chairman, there were a lot of questions about what changes he would make following former FCC ... >

Move over, ID theft – here’s the new No. 1 fraud

ID theft is no longer the reigning champ when it comes to fraud. Many of us have heard, or even been victim, to a number of scammers who ... >

FCC Proposes New Rules That May Be Solution to Stopping ...

We’ve heard about the fight against robocalls since last July when the Robocall Strike Force was first established. Thankfully, the force’s ... >

ZTE Integrates Hiya’s Spam-Blocking Technology into the ...

Receiving unwanted calls is pretty bad, but when you’ve been unexpectedly scammed by one, it’s even worse. As proactive as consumers have ... >

Phone Spoofing Bill Passed in House and Moves to Senate

It’s not a surprise that we’re constantly flooded with a number of scam, spam and robocalls. What makes those calls even worse is when ... >

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