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How to Combat Customer Trust Erosion

With spam calls and spoofed calls on the rise—and 94% of customers refusing to answer unknown calls—it is no surprise that trust is eroding. Customer trust and loyalty are vital resources for top-of-funnel momentum. The more information that you can give your customers, the more likely they will answer your calls. If you can connect consistently then you will start to see a drastic uptick in your sales.


Prepare your customer base for their trip through the sales pipeline; branded caller ID can provide your call center with the tools necessary to mitigate the erosion of customer trust. By projecting your company name, logo, and reason for calling, you’ll be able to assure your customers that your calls are legitimate.


Branded caller ID is an invaluable tool that can:


  • Promote a consistent connection between your customer and an actual agent from your call center. Keep your agents up to date with the best training available and optimize your IVRs.
  • Display important information about your company and the reason for calling. This shows your customer that you are an authentic call, rather than another unknown number.
  • Help you prioritize what information is most important to your customer. Dive into the data and figure out what information garners the most loyalty.
  • Further your analysis into first call closure, call abandonment rates, and conversion rates.
  • Familiarize your customers with your company’s brand; build customer confidence in your business by connecting them to legitimate calls.

Marketing brings you leads and sales get the close, but customer trust is what brings them both together. If you can bolster this relationship you will be able to make more sales and connect with more loyal customers. Be sure to check out our eBook on Sales and Marketing Metrics for more information.

Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager