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Hiya in 2022

2022 has proven to be an eventful and exciting year for all of us at Hiya. We grew our business, innovated across our platform and offerings, welcomed new team members, set new records, and more. There is no shortage of milestones to celebrate from the last 12 months.


As we look ahead to 2023, let’s reflect back on everything that we’ve achieved together in 2022.



Growing the Hiya Network

In 2022, we grew the Hiya network from 200 million to over 230 million users launching on Gabb Wireless, Pepephone (part of MasMovil), and a major Canadian carrier. In Canada, we grew our network from 2 million to more than 13 million years through Samsung’s Smart Call, the Hiya Mobile App, and our partnership with a major Canadian carrier. 

We also announced a new partnership with Ericsson to offer wireless carriers the fastest path to network-based call protection via the Ericsson IMS. In 2023 we’ll share news of our first joint customer since we announced the partnership. 

New product innovations

Throughout the year we’ve continued to improve and innovate across our industry-leading call protection offering, Hiya Protect, and branded-call solution, Hiya Connect. 

In June we launched Branded Call Intelligence, part of Hiya Connect, to give our enterprise customers greater visibility and access to data showing the effectiveness of their branded calls. Last month, we announced Personal AI on Hiya Connect - the industry’s first-ever personalized call protection and our new spam fighting arsenal to block more spam calls while ensuring wanted calls get through. 

As we’ve continued to sharpen our spam-fighting tech, we’ve set new records catching more unwanted calls than ever before. 

Delighted more customers

But the best milestone of all? Our happy customers. Throughout 2022 we’ve maintained an NPS score in the high 60s and earned positive comments from our customers:

“The potential to verify our numbers to ease our customers’ minds that we are calling from an established connection is invaluable in the current climate.” - Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

"Working with Hiya has been a key component of ensuring our overall company reputation with our clients. The Hiya team is easy to work with and supportive of our goals." - Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

​​"Hiya Connect is a MUST HAVE for our company since our sales organization needs Hiya Connect in order to get in front of consumers for our outbound dialing campaigns and remain competitive in our industry." - Enterprise Mortgage Lending Comp

And all while growing our Hiya Connect business by 70% including Fortune 500 companies across healthcare, insurance, financial services, and retail.

The past 12 months have been significant for all of us at Hiya - and we couldn’t have done any of it without our carriers, customers, partners, and team members around the world. Thank you for a great 2022. We can’t wait to accomplish even more in 2023.

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