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Why carriers need transparency and analytics from their call protection partner

Carriers need to protect their subscribers from spam and fraud calls, but when they're looking at how to do that, there are important considerations they need to take into account. One is the level of transparency and insights your partner provides.

The best way to provide those insights is by using Hiya’s Carrier Console. 

The Hiya Carrier Console is a self-service analytics and service management portal. It provides analytics and insights into customer experiences, call trends, spam and fraud rates, user adoption metrics, user experience, STIR/SHAKEN status, and more. It’s included with every deployment of our call protection service, Hiya Protect

Watch the Carrier Console demo video 

Five things you can do with the Carrier Console

1. See and report on the performance of Hiya Protect to internal stakeholders

The Carrier Console shows information such as:

  • How many calls were checked and how many were blocked or flagged as spam? 

  • The number of monthly active users over time and adoption rates of new users.

  • Engagement with specific features, such as spam reporting and customization of call-blocking preferences.

An executive dashboard shows call performance and monthly average users.

2. Measure and communicate the benefit of your services to customers

The Carrier Console provides up-to-date analytics on the effect that Hiya Protect has had on subscriber traffic, in metrics easily used for public marketing materials, including: 

  • Major service milestones include “100 million calls blocked since launch.”

  • Current value, such as “Up to 200,000 calls flagged per day.”

  • Per-subscriber value, such as “16 spam calls per month stopped for each subscriber.”

 Charts show peak daily calls flagged as spam and per-user monthly service benefits. 

3. Get transparency on service status

We value transparency, and our carrier partners should always be able to tell how well the service works. That’s why the Carrier Console provides transparent reporting on service status. This includes:

  • Service health – Shows information about key APIs such as volume, error rates, latency, etc.

  • Analytics health – Shows whether the service correctly captures spam calls based on user feedback.

Partners can access transparent performance metrics in the Carrier Console, including performance against SLA and error rates.

4. Understand illegal caller activity

The Carrier Console includes exclusive intelligence on your area's latest scam and fraud campaigns. These insights come from the Hiya Voice Security Network, and only Hiya can provide them because of our extensive network of partnerships and honeypots that capture recordings of scam calls and robocalls.

See the most commonly reported scam calls and measure trends over time.

5. Support enterprise customers with tools for common situations

There are self-service tools in the console that carriers can use to support their enterprise customers with these needs:

  • Number registration – Enterprises often register their phone numbers with Hiya to inform us that a legitimate business owns a phone number. With the Carrier Console, carriers can do this for their customers. The Carrier Console also enables carriers to share accurate, data-driven insights with customers to help them identify and improve user experience issues. This can be helpful if a customer is experiencing poor calling outcomes or even wondering why they’ve been flagged as spam.
  • Spam reporting – This tool allows carriers to report a call as spam or not spam — similar to how users of Hiya-supported mobile apps can. Hiya will use this new report for future calls from the same number. However, a spam report does not automatically mean the number will be labeled spam for future calls, as this is only one ingredient in overall reputation analytics.

The Hiya Carrier Console is an indispensable self-service tool for monitoring and managing your Hiya Protect deployment. No other provider gives its partners this level of transparency and actionable insight.

To learn more about the Carrier Console, watch the Carrier Console demo video or send us a request for a personal demo of the console.