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Gabb Wireless & Hiya: working together to stop spam from reaching children

Gabb Wireless is dedicated to its mission of creating a safe space for kids in the technological world; through its custom Android operating system, they support carriers and parents alike. Children are able to stay connected with their parents through their smartphones without running the risk of accessing the internet or social media. Unfortunately, when it came to protecting their most vulnerable customers, Gabb Wireless ran into an all too common problem: the total bombardment of spam and fraud calls.


Customer security is a top priority at Gabb Wireless, but to create a safe voice channel they needed to address this serious problem. Diane Acevedo, Senior Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience at Gabb Wireless, shares that their customer service representatives were receiving up to  400 spam-call-related complaints a week from customers. According to our latest report, 32% of all non-contact calls in the United States are spam - the problem is growing and impacts nearly every person with a mobile phone. By targeting the most vulnerable users of the voice channel, children, fraudsters can take advantage of a host of personal information. Gabb needed to expand its reach to the voice channel to bolster its overall defenses.


“Fraudsters don’t discriminate in their targeting, and the youth and elderly are often the most susceptible to their schemes. Call security services provide carriers with the first line of defense for their customers,” said Hiya President Kush Parikh.


Hiya Protect detects spam and fraud calls and allows carriers to decide how to flag those calls. Spam calls can be labeled by category (e.g. telemarketer, survey, political) and fraud calls can either be labeled or blocked. This service is subtly integrated into the mobile devices of network subscribers allowing Gabb, in tandem with Hiya Protect, to thwart fraud and spam before ever appearing on a child’s call log.


“We were able to block the internet, and we built a system in-house that filters out unwanted SMS messages, but we could not stop unwanted calls,” said Issac Jacobson, Head of Product at Gabb Wireless. Gabb wanted to go past carriers that simply offer “parental controls”. They wanted a solution, utilizing powerful tech, that couldn’t be easily bypassed. Hiya Protect was their answer. Gabb worked closely with the Hiya team to implement Hiya Protect, resulting in blocking spam and fraud calls with 97.4% accuracy. In the case of Gabb Wireless, Hiya Protect is not only good for kids and parents, –it’s also good for business.


For more information be sure to read our case study here.

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