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Phone Scams: A Global Frustration

Phone spam and fraud calls are a global problem, as can clearly be seen in Hiya’s State of the Call reports for the United States, Canada and Europe

The average American receives 18 spam or fraud calls per month, and the number is higher in some European countries. In France, residents get hit with 21 spam/fraud calls each month, and in Spain, residents receive an average 20 spam/fraud calls each month.

These unwanted calls are not just wasting people’s time. Consumers are losing significant amounts of money from phone scams. Consider this:


  • In the United Kingdom, the average amount lost by people who were scammed last year was $680 (US dollar equivalent).


  • In Canada, the amount was even higher: an average of USD $804 scammed per victim.


  • In the United States, data from the Federal Trade Commission shows that phone scams increased more than 70% last year compared to the previous year, and that the top contact method for committing fraud was a phone call. 


Popular scams this year include the auto warranty scam in the U.S., the government impersonation scam in Canada, and the Europol scam in Germany.


Consumers are frustrated

Consumers are getting frustrated with the constant bombardment of spam and scam calls, and they want their phone carriers to do more to prevent these unwanted calls. In the State of Call reports mentioned above, only 18% of respondents in Germany agree with this statement: “I think my carrier is doing enough to reduce spam and fraud calls.” In the U.K., a mere 16% agree. 


What can phone carriers do?

For phone carriers, adding spam and fraud call protection to your network is a differentiator — a way to attract new customers who are frustrated with their current service. Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a phone carrier, and carriers who offer robust spam and fraud call protection will often have the upper hand.


If your network doesn’t currently offer spam and fraud protection services, check out Hiya Protect, which blocks scam calls and flags spam calls with high accuracy, without blocking important calls. It is used by phone carriers, mobile phone manufacturers, and network providers who are looking to increase customer satisfaction and create a differentiated voice offering.  

For more information on Hiya’s capabilities or to schedule a demo, send us an email or learn more about Hiya Protect.

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