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Sales Call Center Tips

When faced with the onslaught of day-to-day sales activities, it’s hard to take a step back and fine-tune your approach. As sales increase, so does the amount of time your call center needs to spend continuing to deliver a high-quality experience to customers. This means call center managers must look for new growth opportunities, build brand loyalty, generate sales, and attract target customers. In doing this, it is important to train agents on how to properly contact potential customers and learn more about the needs and interests of the target audience.

We have hand-picked the six best sales call center tips for agents to implement, in order to increase revenue. Each tip will help your sales call center deliver the best customer experience while uncovering maximum sales potential. When assessing this list, it is best to focus on tips that will match your call center goals.

1. Be Well-Informed

Before the call, have your agents do research on the product or service as well as the target customer. The more your team knows about the products or services offered, the better equipped they will be to identify the customers that would benefit most from what you are selling. As an outbound call center, this may take lots of time and effort. 

2. Personalize The Call

Train agents to use the customer's first name and to pay attention to small details they share. Intently listening and personalizing the call will be appreciated by your customers. Personalizing the call will also help your agents find common points of interest that will be important when selling them the product or service. 

3. Specify Your Goals

If you want your calls to be successful, you need to identify your sales initiatives. Is the purpose of your outbound calls to sell a product/service, set up an appointment, or survey for research? Or is it even to just encourage engagement?

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are an objective way to measure how well your outbound call center is performing. Call center managers should focus on the ones that make the most sense for them. Some examples of these metrics are:

  • Answer rates
  • Call duration
  • Call attempts
  • Answer speed
Do not make the mistake of only focusing on your short-term goals. Efficient sales optimization can be key to hitting long term goals.  

4. Create an Omnichannel Experience

An omnichannel experience allows your brand to reach customers in the channels that make the most sense for them. While some customers prefer a phone call to confirm appointments, others want a text. Though some would rather speak with a person about upgrading their insurance policy, others prefer email. There are three main reasons outbound call centers managers should think about providing an omnichannel experience: 

Data Collection and Analysis 

An omnichannel experience gives you multiple touchpoints with which to engage with your customers. Analytical tools such as the Hiya Connect reputation monitoring and management provide insights into customers’ behaviors and interests, which help companies better understand their prospective customers. 


Having a strong presence on various communication channels allows you to tailor your voice and tone to the subset of your customers that use those channels. When you can reach customers in the place and in the voice and tone they feel most comfortable with, you’ll create lifelong customers.

Better Communication Across Channels

If a potential customer has never interacted with your company before, you would communicate with them differently than if they had previously engaged with your brand. Omnichannel strategies help you determine what level of engagement your customers already had so that you can tailor your messaging accordingly. Additionally, you can make sure that your customers are receiving varied communications through the knowledge of which communication channels they’re engaging through already.

Build a Sales Process

Every sales call center initiative should include regular agent training and have structured procedures. When building guidelines, make sure agents are trained to grab a customer’s attention, to personalize the call, and to be prepared to answer a customer’s questions or dissuade concerns.

Use the Right Tools

There are countless call center solutions that increase productivity and sales. From sales dialers that automatically make calls for agents to Branded Calls that increase answer rates, the right tools can give your contact center an extra boost.

How Does Hiya Help Teams Increase Sales

Overcome cold calling statistics with Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform. The system helps call centers achieve growth goals and monitor potential leads. Hiya’s reputation monitoring and management, as well as branded and secure calls will track call center health over time and directly dispute reputation issues. Making sure customers can trust your calls and instantly recognize your company will increase positive customer experiences. To learn more about how to encourage customers to trust your calls through Branded Calls, check out our Branded Caller ID Buyer’s Guide.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya