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Hiya Collaborates With Charter to Protect Spectrum Mobile Customers from Spam Calls

Today, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Charter Communications to provide Hiya’s free anti-spam app to its Spectrum Mobile customers and help protect them against the growing threat of fraud and nuisance calls. According to our recent State of the Call report, spam calls in the United States grew 108 percent in 2019, with consumers receiving an average of 14 spam calls per month, up from seven spam calls per month in 2018. We are excited to work with Charter to provide even more mobile customers the tools they need to reduce these unwanted calls. 

Spectrum Mobile customers who download the free Hiya app, available for both iOS and Android, can now take advantage of our free features that help identify spam calls, block individual numbers and identify calls from unwanted businesses. Customers also can choose to subscribe to Hiya’s premium app for $2.99 / month or $14.99 / year, to receive advanced features, including automatic spam call blocking.

At Hiya, we are pleased to collaborate with a company that has been particularly committed to combating unwanted calls. In addition to their work with Hiya, Charter has implemented across its network STIR/SHAKEN, a new standard for preventing fraudulent calls and caller ID spoofing, and continues to work with industry peers to trace back fraudulent and illegal calls to their source.

To learn more about this collaboration, please visit Charter’s website.

Author Mike Ferris