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MasMovil and Pepephone: Hiya's foray into the Spanish market

Hiya has partnered with Pepephone to become the first mobile phone carrier in Spain to offer Hiya’s Adaptive AI-powered call protection to its customers. Pepephone has more than 1 million customers and is owned by the Masmovil Group, which has 11.3 million mobile customers. 

Spain has the fastest growing rate of mobile phone fraud in all of Europe. In fact, according to Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Report, consumers and businesses in Spain received more than 8.9 billion spam and fraud calls last year — an average of 20 calls per person per month! That’s higher than the monthly average in the United States and more than three times higher than the rate in Canada. 

Hiya’s call protection service will be integrated into Pepephone’s mobile app and will allow customers to shield themselves from nuisance calls by identifying spam calls and blocking possible fraud calls on smartphones. The app uses a proprietary analytic engine, developed by Hiya, to monitor calls in real-time and evaluate if they are spam or fraud. 

“We’re excited to add our first carrier partner in Spain and bring our advanced technology to the people who need it,” said Kush Parikh, president of Hiya. “Their principles and ours are very much aligned to modernize and improve mobile customers’ experience by clearly labeling nuisance calls and allowing their customers to block fraud calls before they even happen.” 

Hiya’s call protection service is powered by self-learning Adaptive AI models and is integrated directly into wireless networks and smartphone devices across the globe. Hiya currently protects more than 200 million users worldwide by flagging spam calls and blocking fraud calls from reaching consumers.                  

How Hiya helps carriers fight back against scam calls

Carriers can protect their customers from phone scams by adding Hiya Protect, which blocks or labels spam and scam calls with high accuracy, without blocking important calls. It is used by phone carriers, mobile phone manufacturers, and network providers who are looking to create a differentiated voice offering and increase customer satisfaction.

Enterprises can help their customers feel safe answering the phone by adding Hiya Connect, which enables businesses to display their company name, logo, and reason for the call on the recipient’s mobile phone.

For more information on this exciting partnership, check out the press release  here.

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