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Top 4 reasons phone carriers invest in spam & fraud protection

Here at Hiya, we’ve successfully deployed voice security solutions with phone carriers across the globe. In meeting with carriers large and small, we’ve noticed common themes — reasons that carriers are investing in spam and fraud protection for their subscribers. Below are what we’ve identified as the top 4 reasons carriers want voice security.  


1. Respond to regulatory pressure

In an escalating effort to shield consumers from unwanted calls, nations like the UK, Germany, and Ireland are exerting substantial regulatory pressure on their carriers. This pressure is often what initially motives many carriers to adopt spam and fraud protection for their subscribers. While some carriers are forced to add spam and fraud protection, others want to stay ahead of regulators and proactively solve the problem before new laws are forced upon them.

Some carriers build their own in-house solutions, while others partner with voice security  providers (such as Hiya). Partnering with an external provider that has expertise in spam and fraud protection can free up valuable internal resources to focus on other projects.

Hiya is now satisfying regulator requirements in multiple countries. Hiya works alongside our carrier partners and regulators to ensure the provided capabilities meet or exceed local regulations. This includes robust service expectations with demanding SLA requirements in order to be compliant and avoid fines.


2. Improve customer experience

Fraud and spam calls have eroded customer trust in the voice call. According to Hiya’s State of the Call 2024 report, 28% of the 46 billion unknown calls processed by Hiya last year were flagged as suspected spam or fraud, and 16% of consumers said they had lost money to a phone scam in the past year.

Consumers aren’t the only ones suffering. Business professionals surveyed said their inability to reach customers and prospects by phone has reduced customer satisfaction (26%), slowed down deals (26%), reduced customer leads (24%) and resulted in higher operational costs (23%).

Adding call protection to mobile phone service helps restore trust in phone calls. For consumers, it increases the value of their phone subscription plan, and for businesses it increases efficiency by reducing the time wasted trying to reach customers and prospects.

See how Hiya blocked 97% of spam and fraud calls for Gabb Wireless and dramatically reduced complaints to its customer service representatives. 

3. Reduce customer churn

Consumers have options when it comes to choosing a phone carrier, and when customers are overwhelmed with spam and fraud calls, they start to look elsewhere. Hiya’s State of the Call 2024 report showed that 27% of consumers have either left their carrier or are currently researching other carriers due to the way their carrier is handling spam and fraud calls.

Strong spam/fraud protection can be a powerful differentiator when consumers are shopping for a phone carrier — or deciding whether to stick with their current carrier. We've worked with carriers who want to be the first in their market to offer protection to their subscribers, giving them a competitive edge.

4. Create new revenue streams

Spam and fraud protection should not merely be seen as an additional expense for carriers; it can also be a revenue generator. While many carriers provide protection as a free, value added service, they can also charge a fee for it. Some carriers include basic protection for free, but then charge for premium spam/fraud protection services. Premium services can give users access to features such as reverse phone number lookup, personal block/allow lists, detailed call logs, and user-configurable call filters that can block or allow calls by category of spam.

Carriers who use Hiya’s spam protection service, can also offer to their enterprise business customers Hiya Connect, our branded caller ID service. Branded caller ID enables enterprises to display their business name, logo, phone number, and reason for the call on the recipient’s mobile phone. This service can also bring in additional revenue for the carrier.  

Learn how you can integrate Hiya Protect into your network, device, or technology offering  contact a Hiya representative today.