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Business Phone Number Registration: How Does It Work?

In a world where 94% of calls from unknown numbers go unanswered, establishing your brand’s credibility can seem like an impossible challenge. This is especially difficult for call centers with low answer rates.

The increased amount of fraudulent spam and robocalls only make remedying this problem more difficult. With answer rates so low (94% of unidentified calls go unanswered!) due to robo, spam, and spoof calls, it’s no wonder answer rates are so low! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has fortunately taken additional measures recently to minimize illegal robocalls and ensure that legitimate businesses utilize trustworthy practices in their call center efforts. Still, consumers are wary of unknown numbers because they lack credibility – even from legitimate businesses.

In this article, we’re breaking down one of the first things your contact center can do to gain mileage on the credibility front: phone number registration. We’ll walk you through how and why you should register phone numbers and how you can use your caller ID to build connections with your customers before they even answer the phone.


What Is Phone Number Registration?

Phone number registration is the process by which a company changes its caller ID to show its name on any outbound calls. To do this, the business needs to be accepted into the national caller ID name database.

By default, the caller ID will only show the phone number the company is calling from (not the business’s name) unless the receiving party has already saved the phone number as a contact in their phone. The sooner your contact center has a registered business phone number, the sooner consumers will recognize your brand and, thus, answer more of your calls.


How Do I Register My Business Phone Number?

The process of registering your phone number is as easy as submitting a free caller registry request provided by Hiya. You will need to fill out your company’s name, phone number, service provider, and a few other simple details to ensure the legitimacy of your request. Once submitted, your request will be processed and approved.

With an outbound calling software like Hiya Connect, you can register your phone number and control the name displayed to consumers more easily than going through the CNAM database. , You can also include other information, like a reason for the call. In addition, the platform tracks your call performance with easy-to-read dashboards. Learn the difference between CNAM and Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform here.


Benefits of Phone Number Registration

The obvious reason why you should register phone numbers as a business is to have the ability to display your company’s name on any outbound calls through Caller ID. This simple switch, from an anonymous number to a named call, signals to the consumer that your call is not fraudulent and can be trusted.

Phone number registration also prevents spoofers from pretending to be you by using your phone number on their illegal outbound calls. Another benefit of registering your phone number is it gives your business access to ongoing protection efforts from the FCC. All of these efforts protect your brand’s invaluable reputation from being compromised.


Take your Caller ID to the Next Level

Registering your business phone number is the first step to getting your calls answered by consumers. At Hiya, we want to help you go beyond that by helping you develop a true performance strategy to drive more revenue to your contact center. That’s why Hiya Connect can register your phone number for you and give you full control over your company’s display name. Want to change your name on an outbound call? With CNAM, it could take weeks, if not months, to ever see this change reflected. With Hiya Connect, see it changed instantaneously. This feature allows you to test different names to see which one consumers respond best to. 

With Hiya, you can add your company logo to all of your outbound calls, so customers instantly recognize your brand when they receive a call. You can also display a custom reason for calling, removing any question in the recipient’s mind about what your intentions are before they even answer the call.

Establishing a credible brand reputation in a world of fraudulent spam and robocalls is challenging. Hiya makes this challenge easy to handle, giving you more time to focus your efforts on serving your customers. Don’t let another customer get away because they couldn’t recognize your call.

Registering phone numbers is simple with Hiya. To learn more about how you can level up your voice performance strategy, check out our Branded Caller ID: A Buyer’s Guide ebook, and see what the best option is for you.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya