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Our 2021 State of the Call Report is Live!

Each year at Hiya, we dig into our data to spot the top trends on the voice call. And we make these insights available to you in our annual State of the Call Report. 

We just launched this year’s report, which is the most comprehensive report we’ve ever produced. Not only have we analyzed the 150 billion calls we processed in 2020, but we also commissioned a third party survey of 300 businesses and 2,000 consumers to better understand how real people use the voice call. 

This is where the fun starts. In the process of looking at the data, several trends and insights emerged that I’m excited to share with you. I’ve included a selection of these insights below, and I encourage you to download the full report and join me on February 25 for our State of the Call webinar to learn more. 

Voice traffic skyrocketed in 2020

The voice call had a particularly strong year with a 184% increase in traffic in 2020. Despite the rise of Zoom and other video conferencing apps, businesses and consumers made clear that voice is their preferred communication channel, beating out text, email, instant messaging apps and video calls.

Spam and fraud impacts everyone

Hackers and spammers are taking advantage of our need to feel connected. Everyone who owns a phone knows this problem well: We each received an average of 144 spam calls last year—58% of which were fraudulent. These calls are frustrating to all of us and put legitimate businesses in the tough spot of breaking through all of this noise. 

The time is now for action

People want the problem of spam and fraud addressed now, and they’re calling on wireless carriers, regulators, and businesses to step up. Nearly half of all Americans surveyed want to see regulators address the issue, while nearly 42% of respondents want their wireless carriers to put an end to the problem and 37% want the businesses that are being falsely impersonated by scammers to take action. 

Interested in learning more? Get all of the trends and insights on the voice call call by downloading our full report today!



Author Alex Algard