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How Contact Centers Establish Trust With Customers

As the number of robocalls and spoofing attacks increase, the more trust prospects lose. If your audience does not trust picking up the phone call, your agents cannot deliver important information and proper customer experiences. Establishing trust in your call center is also critical for mitigating low customer satisfaction.

Your call center can establish trust by showing your audience that they can rely on your agents, service, and company. Below we go in-depth about how communicating consistent messages, showing empathy, personalization, and a branded caller ID will help your call center build trust with your customers. 

Communicate a Consistent Message

Communicating consistent messages is the foundation of any call center. Especially since many companies provide an omnichannel customer experience. During every call and at every touchpoint, there should be no contradicting messages. If your call center is displaying different messages across communication channels or through agents, customers are likely to get confused and frustrated. 

Agents should be trained regularly using real-life call examples to show them what to do in specific situations. Training should ensure agents are knowledgeable on a variety of topics, answer any customer questions, assist with rescheduling, and perform other necessary customer experience tasks. The call center should also keep updated strategies and communication methods. 

Show Empathy

Frequently, agents will deal with individuals who are frustrated, displeased, or upset. Train agents to listen to customers’ problems and concerns so that they can deliver a solution - not just the next line in the script. Agents should try stepping inside the customer's shoes and seeing things from their perspective. After clarifying their feelings and concerns, customers will feel more comfortable discussing solutions to the issues at hand. 

Showing empathy can be as simple as calling perspectives by name or patiently listening to their concerns. Sometimes agents will not find a solution. Regardless of the circumstances, empathy shows customers you care about their feelings and helps mitigate complaints. The more empathy agents can accurately show during calls, the more trust they will gain.

Personalize the Conversation

As customer care continues to increase, so does the need for personalized conversations. Agents must build rapport with customers as it helps establish interpersonal relationships and meaningful conversations. Using names, showing respect, intent listening, and relevant questions are just some ways agents can start building rapport. 

Technology like the Hiya Connect call analytics and insights is another great way to personalize the conversation. Analytical tools provide call centers with valuable customer information like behavior and needs. The self-serve executive dashboard will also provide insights and reports on actionable steps to improve call performance. The more information you can access about your audience, the better you can personalize the call and start building trust.   

Display Branded Caller ID

With 94% of unknown calls going unanswered, having a caller ID display is critical for establishing trust with customers. Hiya’s Branded Call displays the company name, location, logo, and an informative reason for calling. This helps customers know that it is your business calling and gives them a reason for the call.  

Spam and fraud calls are on the rise, and patients may not know if the person on the other end asking for personal information is your legitimate business or a spoofer. Branded ID reassures them that the call is legit. Customers can answer with reassurance that their sensitive information is being protected and the call center cares about proper communication.

Level Up Your Voice Strategy

All these tips are great ways to get your call center to establish trust with customers, but the Hiya Connect Voice Performance Platform can take your voice strategy one step further. With a Branded Call, your audience will be capable of quickly identifying your company name, location, logo, and reason for calling. Customers will build trust in your call center knowing that they are not talking to a spoofer and their sensitive information is being secured. 

Now that your call center knows the importance of establishing trust with their customers through a Branded Call, level up your voice strategy by downloading our Answer Rates Guide.


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