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What You Should Know About Hiya Premium for iOS

Hiya Premium is our new subscription service that complements our free offering without taking away the core free features that our users have come to love and rely on.

What do users get on Hiya Premium?

Premium users will enjoy:
– Premium caller ID – a database of up to 1.5 million caller identities (people and businesses) loaded into your device to identify incoming calls, updated regularly.  This feature will not identify every call as they come in, just the ones in the downloaded database.
– More frequent spam updates (3x/day)
– 200 monthly premium business and personal name lookups – using a combination of Hiya proprietary data and premium data sources.

Users will be able to sign up for a 7 day free trial, after which they will be automatically subscribed at $2.99 a month or $14.99 a year.

What about free users? 

Free users will continue to receive incoming call spam detection with daily updates, spam reporting, and blocking. They will also continue to enjoy unlimited free lookups for spam and scam numbers as well as numbers that we know belong to a business (there will be some business numbers that we do not yet know are businesses.)

Lookups for numbers that belong to individual people will only be available for Hiya Premium users.

How do I cancel Premium? 

You can cancel a subscription to Premium without uninstalling the app. Cancelling a subscription has to be done by the user through Apple.  You can find the instructions on Apple’s support page here:

Do I need both “Hiya – Spam & Block” and “Hiya – Premium” enabled in the iPhone’s settings?  

Yes, to ensure that the app is working correctly both should be enabled.

Can I use Family Sharing for a Premium subscription?

Subscriptions are an in app purchase on the iPhone and don’t work with Family sharing. Only one time purchases do. You can use the Family Sharing to share the free app but the subscription itself is tied to the Apple ID that purchased the subscription. You can learn more about this on Apple’s support page here:

Author Chris Pierce