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Announcing Hiya Registration: the industry’s first free global product for registering business phone numbers

We are thrilled to announce Hiya Registration, a free solution for businesses that ensures customer-friendly calls are delivered without spam or nuisance labeling, or blocking on mobile networks worldwide. 

Read our full announcement here. 

The growth of phone scams and robocalls means more network providers are turning to spam analytics firms to flag and block calls to protect customers. The cost of fraudulent calls has soared in recent years — ballooning to an average of $431 in the United States and, on average, $366 globally in 2022. 

Phone number registration enables businesses to identify themselves as legitimate on mobile networks where spam and nuisance calls are labeled, which helps address spam labeling concerns. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have already registered their numbers through Hiya, and more are registering across the globe as consumer spam protections become widespread. 

Hiya Registration enables businesses to have their numbers validated and registered across the Hiya Voice Security Network, protecting 450M users and utilized by carriers around the globe, including major US carriers as well as Rogers, EE, Virgin Media O2, Telenor, and Samsung. Registration ensures that customer-friendly calls — which respect consumer preferences and laws — are delivered with spam or nuisance labels or blocking. Businesses register and manage their numbers directly in Hiya Registration, enabling them to add, remove, and clearly see the registration status on any number, anytime.

Hiya Registration is part of the new Hiya Business Suite, a collection of voice performance and security solutions for businesses of any size. As the telecom industry’s first and only global, free SaaS-based phone number registration product, Hiya Registration provides full self-service number management and transparency – a significant upgrade for businesses that have already registered through Hiya. Qualified businesses can now sign up for Early Access to Hiya Registration.

“Today, many companies are in the business of offering quick-fix solutions to calling reputation. These services are predatory,” said Alex Algard, CEO of Hiya. “They position it as a pay-to-get-out-of-spam-jail card regardless of a company’s calling practices, and it simply does not work that way. What’s needed is a truly free, enterprise-scale service that works in each country and across mobile networks — and that enables businesses to take ownership of their own calling reputation through responsible, consumer-oriented calling behaviors. It’s their right to do so and should be free always.”

Learn more and sign up now for Hiya Registration Early Access.

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