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Landline-Based Caller ID vs. Branded Caller ID

It’s 1995. You’re at home with your parents and the phone rings. You trot over to the landline to see who’s calling. Though only 15 characters, there’s caller ID on this call and it’s clear: it’s your local library.

You answer, and the library informs you that your book is overdue–then you go on with your life. Easy! 


But in today’s mobile world, you could get a call from the local library, or the fire department that says it’s from them–and it might not be


Why Does Traditional Caller ID sometimes get it Wrong? 

Traditional caller ID provided by CNAM is a complicated system, especially since the switch from landline-based phones to mobile phones. First, carriers don’t directly have access to caller ID; they go through a CNAM database. In fact, there are many CNAM databases that terminating carriers pull from. These databases often have incomplete, or conflicting information–and the carriers do not have the bandwidth, resources, or ability to ensure accuracy with these caller ID names. 


So why don’t the CNAM databases make sure there’s accuracy? Well, because everyone is entitled to caller ID, 3rd party CNAM databases don’t have an incentive to keep these databases up to date. This means that, if you change your phone number, your name still might be showing up associated with your old phone number, particularly if no one calls to claim the old number with a new caller ID. And even if someone does claim the old number with their own caller ID, CNAM databases are notoriously lagging on updates–some users report waiting 3 - 6 months to see an update in their caller ID, and that’s if it ever happens. 

So what’s the deal with Branded Caller ID? Why’s it different?

Direct network integration. 


With Branded Caller ID, we’re not going through these CNAM databases. We’re in direct communication with the carriers, and we’re ensuring that your business is labeled correctly each and every time. Additionally, because we’re directly connected with carriers, we’re able to update that caller ID within minutes – so you can test different caller ID names to see which name will increase answer rates, or any other metrics you’re A/B testing for. 

What are some of the other benefits of Branded Caller ID? Learn more at our Branded Caller ID Buying Guide.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya