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5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Branded Caller ID Security

With branded caller ID, customers are more likely to answer their phones and businesses increase productivity by connecting with more customers and avoiding repeated calls. 


But what about the authentication and protection of the identity displayed on the device? Network operators and enterprises need to make sure their branded caller ID provider can ensure the security of their solution.


Whether you’re a network provider evaluating potential partners or an enterprise shopping for a branded caller ID solution, here are 5 security questions you should ask of any branded caller ID solution:

  1. How do you prevent scammers from branding calls?


It’s critical that the branded caller ID solution provider you choose has robust processes to ensure the companies they work with are not scammers, spammers, or otherwise trying to mislead call recipients. This cannot be done on the honor system, where an enterprise self-certifies that they are who they say they are. For example, Hiya thoroughly researches and vets every business that wants to use its branded caller ID solution.


It’s also essential for the branded caller ID provider to evaluate any intermediaries — not just the enterprise itself. Sometimes there are resellers, wholesalers, or outsourced call centers. Therefore, the branded call provider must vet any intermediaries involved in the chain of the call.  


  1. How do you ensure that enterprises have the right to brand identity on given phone numbers?


With the standard Caller ID Name (CNAM), which has been in use for more than 50 years, bad actors can pretend to be any company they want. It’s easy for them to display a phone number and brand name for which they do not own the trademark. CNAM does not go through all the checks and reviews that a branded call experience does.


Make sure the solution provider you choose has a process that can confirm that the enterprise has the right to use the brand name, logo, and phone numbers they request. 


  1. How do you protect brands from having their name and phone numbers hijacked?


Providers need to go beyond STIR/SHAKEN authentication. A recent report showed that only 15% of calls are receiving “A” authentication, while 78% of calls are completely unsigned. That leaves things wide open for fraudsters to spoof brands they don’t own. 


A reputable branded caller ID provider will protect your phone numbers from being hijacked. For example, Hiya has a feature called Secure Call, which authenticates calls with a fraud filter. It ensures that no one else can make calls from the phone numbers you own. If someone tries to spoof one of your numbers, it can strip the identity from the call or block it completely. Secure Call also includes analytics that shows how much potential spoofing is occurring on your phone numbers and whether those calls are being answered.


  1. How do you prevent unauthorized users from making changes to identity elements?


With branded caller ID, it’s very important from a security perspective that users have appropriate access and permissions. This will prevent unauthorized users — whether internal or external — from controlling or changing your phone number displays. Only certain users should be given permission to edit or delete phone numbers or make changes to the branding. And if changes are made, whether accidentally or maliciously, make sure your branded call provider can tell you when and who made those changes. 


  1. Do you have a system in place to moderate the content that is displayed?


What about the content that shows up on the recipient's screen: the company name, phone number, logo, and reason for the call? Just because a branded caller ID provider has vetted the enterprise, doesn’t mean that the enterprise should be able to display any message it chooses. 


For example, an enterprise may want to change its display name to something more attention-grabbing, such as DEAL OF THE DAY or PICK UP NOW, but that doesn’t tell the recipient who is calling and why. A reputable branded call provider will have a system for approving changes to branding elements. At Hiya, customers must first submit their display content to make sure it meets specific guidelines. In fact, so far this year, about 15% of the displays submitted to Hiya were turned down because they did not meet Hiya’s guidelines. 


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To learn more about this topic, watch the webinar : Is Your Branded Caller ID Solution Secure? What Network Operators Need to Know, presented by Hiya’s Patrick Rea. This webinar was presented at the STIR/SHAKEN Enterprise Summit on Oct. 19, 2022.  


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