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Empty Promises of Chronic Pain Cures Target New York Residents

Whether it be back, leg, shoulder, or anything that is chronically painful, be on guard! Scammers are targeting New York residents claiming they can fix your chronic pain with so-called support from Medicare and Medicaid.

Coming through to victims as spoofed robocalls, local police are warning residents that the calls are not local and the callers convincing individuals to hand over personal information.

“The New York State Attorney General’s office also investigates/advises the public regarding possible telephone scams. If you believe that you’ve received a fraudulent telemarketing solicitation or if you believe you are a victim of telemarketing fraud, you can call the attorney general’s consumer hotline for assistance,” reported the Rome Sentinel.

Here how you can avoid being a victim:
1) Never provide personal or financial information over the phone to an unexpected caller.
2) Hang-up immediately if you do not recognize or were not expecting the call. Confirm the call by calling the organization directly and inquiring about the request.
3) Do not call back an unknown number as it may confirm that your number is in use, resulting in your number being placed on a list that may repeatedly call back through an auto-dialer system

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