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Hiya highlights in 2023

As the curtain closes on another remarkable year, we find ourselves reflecting on all the exciting momentum achieved in 2023. This year marked an important chapter in the growth of our business and platform, from innovations and launches to new strategic partnerships. 

Looking ahead into 2024, we’re taking a moment to rewind the tape on an extraordinary year — and set the stage for even greater achievements to come. 

Our distribution reach continued its global expansion

In 2023, our call protection and call identity services grew to reach mobile subscribers in the U.K., Canada, and Latin America. In January, we announced our partnership with BT and EE to become the first telecom provider in the U.K. to offer protection and identity to their customers. And with spam and fraud calls on the rise in the U.K., the need to provide better labeling, identification, and protection has never been greater. 

In June, we launched a  strategic partnership with BBSS Corporation, a SoftBank Corp.-owned SB C&S Corp subsidiary. In collaboration with BBSS Corporation, we supported the distribution of Hiya Protect to mobile carrier customers worldwide. This is especially critical in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, where over 50% of calls can be spam or fraud in some countries.

In October, we announced that Liberty Latin America became the first telecom provider in Latin America to offer Hiya’s call protection and call identity to mobile subscribers. 

Breaking through the noise to stop phone spam and fraud 

Throughout 2023, we continued to learn from past and present call data to complete Hiya Protect’s Adaptive AI system — identifying emerging threats and applying the right protection to every call. 

We introduced enterprise call scoring to assess incoming calls based on the caller’s history across all the numbers they own – similar to how credit bureaus assign data-driven scores to analyze creditworthiness. This gives us the ability to assess the reputation of callers regardless of the numbers they’re calling from – a vital tool when spammers use tactics like switching phone numbers to evade spam labeling (a practice known as number rotation). 

As the first anti-spam solution to go beyond the number, enterprise call scoring completes our three additional layers of protection that analyze every aspect of the phone call: from the caller to the recipient to the call itself. 

Bringing industry insight and expertise to the Big Apple

In October, we brought together the brightest minds and most impactful voices to New York City at our annual State of the Call Summit. Hiya CEO Alex Algard, Fleetcor Vice President of Risk Operations Eric Lookhoff, and panelists from FICO, RealNetworks, TNS, YouMail, and other organizations were among the industry experts who spoke. The full-day conference focused on the future of voice, the financial impact of fraud and spam on carriers, companies, and consumers, the role of regulators in protecting consumers, and how generative AI is shaping the industry. 

Delivered exceptional value to our customers

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the trust, invaluable support, and feedback from our customers. We are honored to be recognized in the G2 Q4 Winter Grid Report for VoIP Providers as a High Performer and for Easiest Setup in its Implementation

Customers have shared their experiences on G2, earning Hiya an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customer reviews from users include: 

  • “It makes businesses look much more professional, especially those making many outbound calls. Hiya also offers peace of mind to end users that the call is legitimate, and in return, they are more likely to answer.”

  • “Hiya takes on its full value in a prospecting context where we have seen a 20% increase in the pick-up rate.”

  • “With the different mobile providers, using Hiya is a must to display your company's name for customers. More and more people receive unknown and spam calls that are unanswered.”

  • “Hiya portal is intuitive and easy, and getting the branded caller ID set up is easy.”

  • “We love visualizing how our calls look on people's phones and the added benefit of standing out to our prospects.”

  • “Being able to give customers and potential customers peace of mind when they receive a call from us.”

A year can fly by, but it’s important to reflect and take a moment to appreciate the impact and hard work put in each and every day. Thank you to all of our carriers, customers, partners, and Hiyans around the world for bringing trust, identity, and intelligence to the voice channel. We cannot wait to reach new heights together in 2024. 


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