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Call Center’s Guide to Brand Protection

Every call makes an impression on your customers. Maintaining a good image is a responsibility that must be given attention. Without maintaining your brand reputation, customers may take their business elsewhere. Keep your brand protected with the points below. From spoofing and spam labels to counterfeiting, make sure your call center is represented in a positive light.

What Is Brand Protection?

While brand protection can mean anything from preventing fraudulent businesses from using your company name to protecting trademarks, patents, and copyrights. However, in this article, we are focusing on what brand protection means for call centers. In a call center, you can protect your brand and image by monitoring your reputation.

Types of Brand Protection

Because your call center represents your business, it’s critical that you maintain good customer service. There are several different areas you should keep an eye on in order to always present a positive image.


When you think about protecting your company, implementing a robust security infrastructure may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, spoofed calls are now among the most common types of cybercrime, so your security team also needs to safeguard your business from the harmful effects of fraudulent phone number spoofing.

Illegal spoofing occurs when a deceitful party mimics one of your phone numbers to commit fraud. For instance, fraudsters may attempt to contact a person using a phone number that appears to come from your business in order to extract money, sensitive information, or anything else that can be employed in a fraudulent interaction.

If a customer has received a call from an impersonator pretending to be an agent from your call center, they will be suspicious of any calls from your company in the future — even if the call is legitimate. You can restore confidence in your call center by actively monitoring your numbers with Hiya Connect. If customers have already received a spoofed call, Hiya’s Branded Call feature can restore customers’ confidence to answer. Showing a branded caller ID, complete with the company logo and a personal message will drastically improve customers’ trust in your call center.

Download our Stop Spoofing eBook to learn more about preventing illegal spoofing of your business numbers. 

Spam Labels

Although customers still prefer phone calls over other communication channels, they are becoming more hesitant to answer unknown calls. Spam callers use fake or stolen identities with malicious intent to scam customers. With spam calls delivered to large numbers of recipients, unanswered calls are becoming more prominent.

As a result, network providers have cracked down on spam calls by labeling them with “Spam Risk” and “Potential Fraud”. These negative labels tell your customers that they shouldn’t answer your calls. Many call centers don’t know when these numbers are displaying spam caller IDs and are left wondering why customers aren’t picking up the phone.

With Hiya Connect, you can monitor the reputation of your numbers to ensure that they aren’t associated with any negative labels. For more tips on bypassing spam filters, download our Stop Spamming and Start Calling eBook.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Protection?

As a result of monitoring the reputation of your call center, there are several benefits that your business will see.

Increased Answer Rates

The ever-growing number of robocalls and spoofs means that people are increasingly suspicious of unknown numbers. As a result, fewer and fewer people are answering the phone. This causes a huge problem for call centers. When you can’t reach customers, there’s no way to convert them to your product or give them the information they need.

Maintaining a good reputation means that your customers won’t believe your calls to be spam and will actually pick up the phone.

Improved Customer Interactions

When customers are weary of your identity, it prevents them from processing the valuable information you are sharing. This leads to a huge number of important missed calls, including hospital reminders, appointment confirmation calls, employment opportunities, and similar interactions.

When customers trust your calls, they are able to focus on the interaction and have a positive experience with your call center.

Maintain a Positive Image

If a fraudster knows your business number and can find the numbers of your customers, then the groundwork is laid for a scam. By spoofing your number, an impersonator can contact your customers and solicit bank, credit card, or other personal information. While most of your customers won’t fall for this scam, the few that do can cause public trust in your organization to fall. If this occurs on a large scale, your company will be dealing with a PR nightmare. Fortunately, you can prevent any headache by monitoring your numbers and securing your calls.

Brand Protection Solutions

Problems caused by fraudsters are more common and damaging than many brands understand. Without preventing brand abuse, these actions can bring serious harm to your customers and your call center. Enforce brand protection with Hiya Connect by displaying Branded Calls that reassure customers that it’s your business calling.

Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform has a global network that is ready to help your call center. With over 170 million users in over 40 countries, our data detects threats and feedback with thousands of users in real-time. Want more evidence of the ROI your company will see with Hiya? Download the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Hiya.

Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager