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Meet Hiya Cloud: The Honey Badger of Phone Protection

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… it has. For months now, Hiya has been working to build a service that can integrate directly at the network level. But we couldn’t talk about it.

We love our app and we know we can be more than “just” an [awesome, amazing, inspiring even, mind-blowing] app. Our data can be used for so much more and we’ve already proven that when we got in at the manufacturing level by partnering with Samsung. But picture this: a service that goes deeper than your device and operating system. Well, imagine no more; allow me to introduce you to Hiya Cloud.

Let’s set the scene.

Present Day

You, on your computer/mobile/tablet. Reading. Me, boozing it up in celebration working really hard.

From a distant land, an unknown caller dials your number. The call goes through the carrier. Then, it gets to Hiya for identification and inspection. If it is annoying spam, we allow it through and alert you to be cautious (could be a telemarketer, could be a “free cruise”, etc). If we identify the call as fraudulent, we auto-block it for you; your phone never even rings. You will however, see the scam in your missed calls history.

TLDR; before getting to your device, incoming calls go from the carrier to Hiya to you.

Now, it’s no secret that Android is a much friendlier platform for developers than iOS. Third party developers have always been able to integrate directly into the phone experience with Android. However, Apple never allowed that freedom for developers. Yes, that will change given their recent announcement, but consider Hiya Cloud the honey badger of technology. It doesn’t care if you have Android or Apple. Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Google, LG, or Blackberry (is anyone still actually using Blackberry??). Regardless, Hiya Cloud don’t care.

Hiya Cloud applies spam detection where the call originates, halting the threat before it even reaches the device. Hiya Cloud intercepts the call before it arrives to the carriers providing a faster, more impactful line of protection for all subscribers.

The Not-so-Distant Future

You: Living life. Doing you. Keeping it real. Being happy. Me – same [imitation is the highest form of flattery]. Why are we so happy? Did I just discover a new sea salted caramel that makes every day just a little brighter? Did I find the perfect pair of jeans that requires NO belt?? No. Those dreams are too small. We’re happy because we now live in a world where phone spam is a thing of the past.

Scenario #1: Oh, the phone’s ringing? Who is it? Let’s find out together. American Express? Better answer that. They could have important information about your credit card. Your long lost love from high school? Oh heck yes, definitely answer! The local bar telling you they have your wallet from last night? You’ll want to pick up that call. Here’s the thing: You KNOW who’s calling.

Scenario #2: You: Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool, shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys who were up to no good, wanted to make trouble in your neighborhood. They tried to call your phone but the call wouldn’t go through. You kept living your life. With no interruption to you.

[End scene. Bow. Exit stage left].

Sound too good to be true? It’s NOT. It’s the future. Welcome. 🙂




Author Hiya Team