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The Latest Tool to Stop Spam and Scam Calls: Adaptive AI

How do you stop spam and scam calls? Traditionally, spam-blocking services had used the historical model. If a phone number has a history of making scam calls, the call can either be blocked or identified as spam or possible fraud. But fraudsters are constantly changing phone numbers to avoid detection. That’s where Adaptive AI comes in. 

Adaptive AI is an innovative new feature of Hiya Protect, a proprietary call protection service used by carriers, phone manufacturers, and the Hiya mobile app. 

Unlike other capabilities on the market today, Adaptive AI uses machine learning to proactively hunt and shut down scam campaigns. With the ability to stay ahead of scammers, Adaptive AI works in real-time, without the need for human intervention or updating existing AI models.

Adaptive AI evaluates calls by looking for emerging patterns of scammers. It looks at details such as the originating carrier and its reputation based on past user complaints, the country where the call originated, and if the network signature indicates spam risk. It can also recognize the underlying pattern in call volumes, call durations, answer rates, user reports, and more. 

Want to learn more about how Hiya uses Adaptive AI to lock spammers and scammers out of the voice network? Download our eBook here.

Author Hiya Team