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Improve Your Credit Union Call Center

As members turn to conduct their financial businesses over the phone and online, it’s increasingly important for credit union call centers to continually improve. As your agents reach out over the phone with critical information, your call center becomes the face of your credit union. Your members need to trust your agents with their sensitive financial information and receive quality customer service to remain loyal to your credit union.

Credit union call centers are a driving force within the financial service industry. They aim to support members, some of whom are worried, anxious, or confused about their financial situations. Credit union call center agents are trained to handle deposits, withdrawals, checks, bills, fraud, information verification, and more. 

Why Are Credit Union Call Centers Important?

Notifying members of potential credit card fraud, verifying information and transactions, and making collection calls are just a few of the trusted services that credit union call centers provide.

The increasing number of fraudsters has made consumers wary of sharing any personal information with a stranger over the phone. This is especially true when handling members’ financial information and sensitive data. This makes it difficult for credit union call centers to do their job: help people, especially those who prefer to manage their money over the phone. So how are credit union call centers supposed to function with these difficulties? Below are a few ways to improve your credit union call center and build trust with your clients.

Implement Specialized Training

Regular agent training is an essential part of making members feel like your credit union call center is trustworthy and their information will stay safe. Agents must understand the overall objectives and typical prospective clients. Scripts are a great way to train agents on how to handle situations, questions, or concerns they may encounter when making calls. Personalizing scripts using live calls and call center automation ensures agents are consistently displaying the correct messages. Providing information quickly and effectively also increases customer satisfaction. 

Display Consistent Messages 

Members expect interactions with your credit union call center to have consistent messages across all channels. Messages that do not correlate with the overall goals and objectives of the call center will confuse and irritate your audience. Especially, if they do not have a way to trust that the call is coming from your credit union call center. The Hiya Connect Brand Call keeps messaging consistent to ensure members can trust the call. With company name, logo, location, and informative reason for calling, clients will not have to worry about spoofing attacks or fraudsters stealing their personal information. 

Establish Important Metrics

Each call center should choose metrics that establish the position and goals of the company. While some call centers will choose to focus on statistical objectives, others may prefer member satisfaction objectives. Regardless of the metrics you decide to implement in your credit union call center, make sure agents have received proper communication regarding the reasons for focusing on those metrics. Agents know your members better than anyone else. Meaning they can also provide valuable insights into the strategy of improving customer experience. If you are establishing the wrong metrics for your call center, agents will likely be the first to notice the problem. Implement important metrics but ensure you absorb the value of communication to agents as they are helping you meet the overall company goals.

Analyze Call Performance

Credit union call centers must keep evolving and optimizing for every opportunity. Analyzing call performance helps you identify opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths. The right analytical software will uncover patterns, highlight trends, provide real-time feedback, and suggest data-backed decisions. Other features like recordings and live calls can aid in agent training. Equipped employees are the driving force behind understanding your members and meeting customer expectations. 

With a tool like Hiya Connect, you can access self-service executive dashboards that are full of industry-standard KPIs. Your call center can also review daily updates and actionable steps to improve your call performance.

Credit union call centers have a lot of responsibility for handling customer financial needs. Without the help of technology, finding ways to improve can quickly become overwhelming. The Hiya Connect Voice Performance Platform is designed to help your call center stay up-to-date with trends and constantly find ways to improve. Features like Branded and Secure Calls can build trust and loyalty with your members. While other tools like call analytics and insights provide dashboards with daily updates and actionable improvement steps. 

Download our Financial Services State of the Call Report to learn more about how Hiya can help your credit union call center improve customer experience.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya