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Why You Need Outbound Call Tracking Software

We live in a fast-paced world. To such a degree that businesses try to make tasks as simple, quick and efficient as possible. In their rush, organizations often fail to take time to measure their work and its effect.

For many companies, it seems like a waste of time to scroll through pages upon pages of data to try to make sense of it all. However, avoiding business metrics can be detrimental to your business performance. 

Measurements are helpful in all aspects of life. Even with something as universal as grades. Measuring your performance on homework and tests as a student helps you make realizations specific for you. For example, you can discover that running studying times a week and double checking test answers works best for maintaining good grades. These realizations lead to faster results than making a few changes every few weeks and hoping they work.

The same can be true for businesses that make outbound calls. It’s simply not enough to guess what works from month to month. Taking the time and resources to track outbound call metrics can help you know what works—and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Luckily, with outbound call tracking software you can track and analyze data more efficiently. 

In this article, we’re taking a minute to unpack what is call tracking software and how it can be beneficial to your business. Further, we’ll take a look at how Hiya Connect can help you keep track of the metrics that are pertinent to your business.

What is Outbound Call Tracking Software

Outbound call tracking software is similar to sales call tracking software in the sense that they both allow you to track, organize and analyze your call activities. However, outbound software has unique benefits based on the fact that you initiated the call. You can track specific metrics based on who why, when, and how you contact and the direct results of these actions. Outbound calling software then keeps track of these metrics and allows you to analyze and implement them for optimal growth.

The best call tracking software all have the same primary characteristics. These characteristics allow them to benefit your business in the most optimal ways. 

Easy To Use

The main reason to get call tracking software is to save you time and energy from decoding company data to help make decisions. If your software becomes more of a hassle than a help, you’re using the wrong software. Call tracking software should be easy to implement and understand to provide the best information for your business.


When your company is just starting out it can be tempting to get the smallest and cheapest software that fits your current needs. However, you might not always plan to stay that small. You may need software that will grow with you and give you the metrics to reach your goals. If your current software suite gets significantly more expensive the larger you get, then it may be advantageous to consider taking an alternate route.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time results are crucial in helping your business stay current. Both real-time analytics and real-time historical reporting are crucial to help you stay current in analyzing how your business is performing. You can make better decisions and set more pertinent goals in real-time with software that can give you the most current data.


Your company is unique. Your goals, challenges, achievements, needs, and concerns are unique. You need software that can easily adapt to fit your growing business. Software that fails to do so will not be beneficial in the long run and could be detrimental down the road.

Call Tracking Software For Improved Analytics and Insights

The benefit of outbound call tracking software is that you receive call analytics and insights that can help you make better business decisions. With Hiya Connect, you can understand these metrics for your specific business and make decisions that will be right for you. 

See Where You Stand With Industry-Standard KPIs

The Hiya Connect Console gives you access to self-service executive dashboards that are chock full of industry-standard KPIs. There, the Connect software automatically measures information such as your answer rates, call attempts, and call durations. You can then use these measurements to determine how successful you are at reaching your targets—say goodbye to guessing and estimating! 

With our Connect Console, you can decide what metrics are best for your business to track in order to reach optimal results. For example, say that you have a goal to cut your average call duration by one minute to serve more customers. After implementing this goal among your employees, you can use Hiya Connect Console to see how all of your agents’ phone numbers are performing. You can see what days you hit your goal and what days you fall short. You can then adjust best practices accordingly to make shorter call durations your company standard.

Get Analytics Updated Daily

Our Hiya Connect Console also allows you to stay updated on the current performance of your company. With analytics updated daily, you can discover trending patterns. These analytics can help you set goals and make adjustments according to your current trends, rather than trying to make decisions now based on information from months previous. 

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, you can never know when an outside force will affect the success of your outbound calls. Call center tracking software with daily analytics can help you quickly recognize downward trends, and fix the problem. And, on the flipside, recognize upward trends and make decisions to capitalize on them. 

Analyze Metrics And Know How To Best Improve

The main purpose of call tracking software is to empower you with information that will aid in improving your business. You can look at daily trends, spikes, and falls into calls to know what you should capitalize on as a company. 

For example, say that your metrics show that calling a decision-maker right when they get back from lunch is the best time to find them happy and willing to consider making a sale. You can then organize a business plan around calling most decision-makers around 1:00 pm. Furthermore, you can optimize your scheduling to make sure you have enough agents at 1:00 pm to generate these calls. 

Informed decisions lead to increased success rather than constantly shooting in the dark when it comes to improving your call metrics.

Stop Inaccurate Spam Labeling with Call Tracking Software

Most companies don’t think to combine their call tracking software with reputation monitoring software to protect their numbers and clients, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. Hiya Connect provides reputation monitoring and management on top of keeping track of outbound call KPIs. This can help you see how your company’s phone numbers' reputation affects your metrics, while simultaneously taking steps to protect your phone numbers against spam labels.

Monitor Blocked or Reported Numbers

Getting through to customers can be challenging enough without getting blocked. When making several hundred outbound calls per day, you have enough to worry about without having to deal with the reputation of your outbound phone numbers. Hiya’s Reputation Monitoring feature allows you to keep track of how often your number is blocked or reported as spam. Further, you can keep track of how often blocks and spam reports are happening and under what circumstances they are taking place. These metrics can provide insight about steps you might take in order to protect your company phone numbers and ensure customers trust your incoming calls. 

Track Reputation Health Over Time

People can have teetering attitudes towards business calls in the first place. If your call becomes labeled as spam or distrusted among your customers, this can lead to a tanked relationship between your company and the customers you’re trying to reach. Hiya Connect allows you to monitor the reputation of your phone numbers over time to understand how customers are reacting to your calls. This feature allows you to make adjustments in real-time before your numbers reputation drops significantly, and consequently becomes harder to restore.

Directly Dispute Spam Labels

Not only can you see whenever someone labels your number as spam or blocks your number in general, but you can directly and efficiently dispute spam labels. Waiting to dispute a spam label can lead to a nuisance reputation. By tracking spam labels you can also directly dispute such a label and keep your numbers on an uphill, reputable course.

Hiya Connect

Here at Hiya, our mission is to help you increase your call metrics and reach higher business performance. Hiya Connect is among the best global call performance software solutions. Hiya helps you track your metrics to take quick action for improved business performance and caller reputation status. Wondering what metrics you should be optimizing for your business? Download our Call Center Metrics eBook to learn more.



Author Laleh Hassibi

Hiya's Director of Content Marketing and Growth