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Changing Your Outbound Caller ID

Have you ever tried calling your customer only to have your call ignored or declined because they suspected it was spam? Most people don’t answer the phone if they don’t recognize the phone number. Consequently, if a customer doesn’t have your number saved as a contact in their phone it’s almost impossible to know that the call is coming from you. The result? Customers don’t pick up. These problems lead you to wonder how to change caller ID in order to increase answer rates. 

By default, all outbound calls show up as the direct number on caller ID. Luckily, Voice Performance Platforms such as Hiya allow businesses like yours to change their caller ID when contacting customers. In this article, we’ll go over how you can change your caller ID, the benefits of doing so, and how Hiya can help. 

How To Change Caller ID

First, let’s define caller ID: caller ID is the display name that pops up on your phone when you have an incoming call. Most of the time, caller ID will only be customized if a user changes the contact card in their phone. However, with outbound call software such as Hiya, you can customize your business’s number to have a custom and specific caller ID, regardless of who the end-user is. 

As an individual, this process is much more simple. When changing a personal number, a user can simply call their phone carrier and request that their number identifier be changed. However, most of the time just calling a phone carrier is not suitable for businesses looking to change all of their display IDs for outbound calls. 

A third party such as Hiya can provide the software necessary to change your business’s caller ID for all outbound calls within the company. Further, Hiya can help keep all displays within your company consistent, which ensures a strong brand image and enables customers to immediately recognize the call. . A consistent caller ID can also build trust with customers and ensure they know it’s your business calling each and every time, regardless of which department originates the call.

Benefits From Changing Caller ID

Customizing your caller ID display will bring many benefits to your company. The primary benefit is often an improvement in answer rates and increased confidence among customers when answering their phone. When customers know that your business is calling, they can be confident it’s you.

Other benefits of caller ID include lowering your chances of experiencing a  scam. If customers expect your business’s display caller ID when calling, they will be warrier when a different, perhaps unidentified number calls and claims to be your company. When you change your caller ID display to reflect the name of your company, it also reduces the likelihood of having your number blocked. If a client receives continuous calls from an unknown number, they are likely to block the number. However, if a client knows it’s a legitimate business’s number, they are more likely to trust it, making them less likely to block you. 

Hiya Can Help

Having a customized caller ID display can increase confidence between consumers and businesses. Hiya can help your business set up the same display caller ID throughout your company to allow for consistency among your call strategy. Download our Beyond Caller ID eBook and see how Hiya can help you optimize caller ID for higher answer rates.

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Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya


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