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What you can expect at the 2023 State of the Call Summit

In 2019, Hiya hosted our first annual “State of the Call 2019 Summit”. This summit brought together industry experts dedicated to sharing best practices, discussing emerging trends, and working collaboratively to combat fraudsters and spammers across the globe. 

After 4 years, we are thrilled to announce the return of Hiya’s State of the Call Summit and to build upon the strong foundation laid years ago. 

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Before we look ahead to this year’s event, let’s first look back at our last annual summit.

Setting the stage

At the inaugural State of the Call Summit in 2019, Hiya CEO Alex Algard emphasized the urgency of the spam call issue in his keynote opening speech. He shared that “the spam call issue is not a US problem, it is a global pandemic.” This set the tone for a day filled with insightful discussions, thought leadership sessions, and collaboration with industry experts. 

Engaging industry experts

The summit provided a platform for thought leadership experts to share their insights and strategies for combating spam and fraud calls. The agenda included speaking sessions and panel discussions with regulatory experts such as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), service providers including Twilio, First Orion, and YouMail, and trusted and strategic partners like SIPForum. 

Exploring solutions

While the summit addressed the challenges in spam and fraud calls, it also showcased Hiya’s comprehensive approach to mitigate this global problem. The Hiya product development team educated attendees about spam detection techniques and introduced the capabilities of our industry-leading spam detection models - which have only grown more sophisticated and influential in the past 4 years.

Looking ahead

Hiya’s State of the Call Summit is returning in person at the Marriott Marquis on October 5th. We’re thrilled to build on the momentum and learnings from our inaugural event in 2019 – and have even more product innovation and industry knowledge to share. The 2023 summit promises to look deeper into emerging trends, technical innovations, and regulatory developments, envisioning a future where the voice call experience is safe, secure, and trustworthy. 

Hiya is committed to addressing the global spam and fraud epidemic; in collaboration with industry experts, regulatory bodies, and trusted partners we can shape the future of voice call security. Together, we can build a trustworthy and safe voice channel to provide carriers, subscribers, and businesses with a brighter future.

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