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Scammers Steal T-Mobile Phone Numbers to Swipe Funds

Calling all T-Mobile customers, if you’ve received email notifications from your bank telling you that your transactions have been completed, you’ve been victim to the most recent bank account scam.

T-Mobile cell phone number have been ported to an account with Metro PCS or elsewhere, and then used to allow scammers to gain access to the customers online bank account. The scheme is so technical that mobile numbers with two-step verification accounts are being hacked by scammers who are going extra lengths by sending text messages with security codes to change customer passwords.

Aside from bank accounts being drained, mobile numbers that have been hacked are told by T-Mobile that they have been given permission to port their number over to Metro PCS, leading them to close out the phone number and send it over Metro PCS and then becoming Metro PCS’ number.

T-Mobile and Metro PCS are not aware of how scammers were able to transfer the customer numbers to different carriers. But somehow they managed to hack the system so the SIM cards are rerouted to a different device. Customer then lose their numbers and the scammers then get access to the phone numbers and start getting the customer’s text messages.

To help T-Mobile customers from becoming the next victim, T-Mobile has provided a link that helps customers take extra measures in protecting themselves.

Author Hiya Team