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Understanding the Impact of Reputation Monitoring

Contact centers have a direct impact on the reputation of a brand. It makes sense--if customers have poor experiences during the calls they receive, that directly correlates with what people think about the brand. This is why it’s so important to constantly monitor the reputation of your call center.


In addition to monitoring reputation, creating a positive influence on how people view your brand is critical for success. With more information constantly available online, almost anything posted on the internet stays there forever and impacts consumer decisions. If you do not manage your reputation, you take the risk of losing customer trust and loyalty. 


In this article, we will cover:

  • Reasons to monitor your online reputation
  • Reputation monitoring vs. reputation management
  • Tactics to protect your online reputation
  • How to check your reputation


Reasons to Monitor Your Reputation

Without reputation monitoring, spoofing attacks and inaccurate spam labels can create low customer ratings and general distrust from customers. When you keep a pulse on your reputation, you can take action to correct any issues that are harming the image of your contact center. 

Improve Customer Experience

Think of reputation monitoring like a foundation. Every time you add a positive association to that foundation it gets stronger. However, a negative association puts a crack into that foundation. Once the damage has been done, it’s very difficult for your business to fix the crack in your customers’ trust. One spoofed call from a bad actor posing as your company can make customers suspicious of your legitimate calls. Monitoring for any spoofed numbers will prevent these incidents and will ensure that your customers trust your calls as legitimate.

Avoid Negative or Spam Labels

Some call blocking solutions flag legitimate calls as fraud or spam. Unfortunately for your call center, if you receive these labels then customers won’t trust your call. The misclassification of spam calls means that your legitimate business calls are most likely going straight to voicemail. With reputation monitoring, you are able to catch and correct these errors quickly, before the damage has been done.


Using Hiya Connect’s reputation monitoring is an easy way to become aware of any inaccurate spam labels associated with your calls.

Increase Answer Rates and Improve Call Quality

Investing in a subpar intelligence system leaves your company vulnerable to having your legitimate calls flagged as spam. This is detrimental, especially considering 94 percent of nuisance and fraud calls are ignored or blocked. Hiya Connect offers Secure and Branded Call products that handle spam issues. Branded Call also displays the company’s name, number, and reason for calling, so that customers can be confident that the call is coming from a legitimate business. Together, Secure and Branded Call create an effective system that avoids negative connotations and incorrect labels.


Reputation Monitoring vs. Reputation Management 

Reputation monitoring and reputation management serve the same purpose of ensuring brand reputation. However, their techniques are quite different. Reputation monitoring is implementing measures that help you watch for potential issues, while reputation management is figuring out what to do when you encounter those issues. 


You cannot deal with the problems if you do not first find them while using reputation monitoring tools. Choosing which ones work best for your company can be stressful and time-consuming. This is why we have compiled a list of tactics to protect your call reputation. 


Tactics to Protect Your Call Reputation

  • Monitor Your Phone System

Dropped calls, on-hold music, confusing prompts, system outages, and more can all have negative effects on your business reputation. Regularly checking for issues with your calls can prevent issues and benefit your  customers. 

  • Train Staff Well

Your employees can make or break your company. Going into calls ill-prepared, emotionally disengaged, or lacking training could cause major issues for all current and future customers. Ensure your staff is trained, appreciated, and compensated.

  • Review Processes Regularly

Issues with customers often occur when there are changes in how a company decides to operate. If processes are not continually reviewed, files, sensitive information, payments, holds, and more can be misunderstood.


How to Check Your Reputation? 

Hiya Connect’s voice performance platform helps you check and monitor the reputation of your numbers. The reputation monitoring and management system shows how often numbers have been blocked or reported, and it directly disputes negative spam labels, and tracks call center health over time. 


Branded and Secure Calls protect your business and your customers. Preventing spoofed calls, providing authenticated calls, and displaying personal messages will help improve your reputation. Get a free reputation analysis for your contact center’s numbers to identify any numbers that are harming your reputation.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya