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How Movers and Home Improvement Specialists Benefit from an Optimized Voice Channel

When spring rolls around it seems like everybody and their mothers are moving or working on some sort of home improvement project. As the owner of a moving or home improvement business you know that when the birds start chirping, the phones start ringing. The busiest time of year calls for an optimized voice channel that is supported by data because the last thing you need is a dropped call. Stay up to date with agents that know what they are doing, and provide them with the tech to do it well. Labor is incredibly tight right now, so you have to utilize the staff that you have.

For movers it is especially important to keep your IVRs optimized to handle any overflow of calls; it is already hard enough to manage the internal voice channel when keeping track of your fleet. You want to make sure that your customers are greeted with a natural recording that quickly moves them from menu to menu Keep call abandonment rates low by making sure that your lines are as clear as possible.


Home improvement specialists live on the voice channel; whether it is scheduling a landscaping appointment or providing a quote, business is done over the phone. Use relevant data to identify problems areas and deal with them accordingly. The right metrics can make all the difference. Display the name of your company with branded caller ID. This key technology will project your business's information for the customer to see before they pick up the call.


Movers and home improvement specialists are bracing themselves for the influx of customer calls. The more optimized your voice channel is the more efficient your operations will be. For more information on how to maximize your busy season, be sure to check out our Home Services Guide


Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager