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Why registering your business phone number matters

Effective communication is a constant throughline of any successful business. The ability to enable precise, timely, and trustworthy ... >

Understanding and avoiding the Eversource scam

In an era dominated by technology, phone scams have become an escalating concern for individuals and businesses alike. The ubiquity of ... >

Speed to lead: how to improve sales calling practices

Meeting buyers where they are is essential in today's ever-evolving buyer landscape. Comparison sites and online marketplaces provide ... >

Navigating the robocall mitigation database: A ...

With robocalls becoming more common, it can feel like a day goes by without a call from an unknown number disrupting your routine. And when ... >

Are robocalls illegal? Laws, protections, and best practices

Robocalls have become a nuisance in the lives of consumers and businesses alike. These unsolicited calls often deliver pre-recorded ... >

How Canadian voice providers defend against fraudulent calls

Since the beginning of 2023, more people in Canada have begun seeing “call labels” on some calls they receive. These labels warn call ... >

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