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Enterprise Caller Scoring - a new layer of Hiya Protect

Hiya just announced the release of Enterprise Caller Scoring, a new layer of Hiya’s Adaptive AI. This new feature of Hiya Protect further safeguards mobile subscribers from spammers as it considers not just the number calling, but the reputation of the calling organization. 

Enterprise Caller Scoring improves voice network security by accurately assessing the reputation of a caller, regardless of the phone numbers they use. The practice of switching phone numbers, referred to as number rotation, to avoid spam labeling has been growing in popularity, rendering basic spam and fraud protections insufficient. Hiya circumvents this tactic and can evaluate reputation across more than 150 million enterprise phone numbers in the US.

Basic protections aren’t enough

After the FCC mandate, causing mobile operators to block illegal and unwanted robocalls before they reach consumers, a cottage industry of spam labeling began to emerge; companies tout solutions aimed at bypassing spam labeling by rotating through a series of numbers, without addressing calling practices. Number rotation has become so common that on any given day an estimated 30% of all phone numbers used to make calls on mobile networks have little to no history.


How it works

So how does the latest layer of Adaptive AI evaluate the reputation of an enterprise across all calls from all of their calling lines?


Just like a credit score analyzes a consumer's past transaction history across their multiple accounts, Enterprise Caller Scoring uses an enterprise's past calling history across all their numbers to help determine whether a call may be wanted by the recipient or spam.

Enterprise Caller Scoring can identify the calling enterprise’s reputation for more than 150 million enterprise phone numbers in the US - even phone numbers that haven't yet built a calling history. An enterprise’s reputation continuously evolves based on behavior and is automatically recognized across all its numbers.


How to address your calling reputation

Businesses that use disciplined calling practices can maintain a positive reputation without relying on spam evasion services that use number rotation. Enterprise Caller Scoring draws reputation from two distinct sources; the analytics of the calls coupled with user reports best accounts for an enterprise’s call activity. This model gives more weight to recent calling behaviors over historic activity, meaning that the best way that you can protect your enterprise from reputation erosion is to build trust in your voice channel through proper calling practices. 


An awareness of documented call analytics can give your business the decision-making power it needs to keep up with the best calling practices. While a number rotation method may have worked in the past to avoid the short-term impacts of spam labels, it is harmful to the long-term reputation of your enterprise. 


Adding identification can also help enterprises better reach customers, and bolster their reputation. By leveraging branded call enterprises can add enhanced identity to their outbound calls with the addition of a company logo, name, and even the reason for calling. This level of detail can solidify your space in the voice channel – when you call your customers will know who is on the other end. Additionally, with Hiya’s Branded Call Intelligence, you can regulate the health of your reputation by monitoring and analyzing your call metrics, such as:


Branded Call Intelligence provides a full suite of customizable analytics to optimize call delivery, performance, and reputation.

The most complete spam and fraud protection

Hiya Protect powers fraud protection services on Samsung, Telenor, MasMovil, and the Hiya App on all carriers and is now available with Enterprise Caller Scoring. Hiya protects more than 250 million users from spam and fraud calls with Adaptive AI technology; this powerful system analyzes every facet of a call - which includes Spam Threat Scanning, Personal Call Filtering, and Enterprise Caller Scoring – to provide the most complete and effective spam and fraud call protection available. 


Carriers can protect their customers from phone scams by integrating Hiya Protect, which accurately blocks and labels spam and fraud calls, without blocking wanted calls. Hiya Protect identifies the patterns of spammers and blocks spam campaigns in their earliest stages.

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