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State of the Call for Services: How Spam Impacts the Voice Channel

Over the last few years, we have seen the work world change drastically; remote work is becoming the norm. The voice channel is the predominant form of business communication and it is incredibly impactful on customer service operations; now more than ever it is crucial to do everything you can to protect your brand's reputation and increase the effectiveness of your outbound calls.


  • October 27th


  • 10 am EST


  • Alex Salkin - Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hiya
  • Brian Cantor - Principal Analyst at CEI


Hiya invites you to join Alex Salkin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Brian Cantor, Principle analyst at CEI, as they discuss the state of the call for customer service in 2022. They will discuss the values of call identification and reputation protection in a market bombarded with spam and unidentified calls. With the increase in voice channel usage over the last few years, it is essential that your customers know who is calling; no one can be left in the dark. 

Unidentified calls and nuisance calls are running rampant through every network. Your enterprise needs to do whatever it can to ensure customer trust; if they don’t pick up you can’t make a sale. This is where a branded caller ID solution comes into play. For more information on call intelligence and reputation protection, register now to reserve your spot! 

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