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Growth in Unwanted Calls Strikes in Nevada and Massachusetts

This week we’re not bringing you one but two area codes that have been targeted by fraud and nuisance calls in the U.S.

Check out this week’s victims:

Taking the title for top area code targeted by fraud calls  are Nevada residents living in the 775 area code.

Top Cities include:

  1. Pahrump
  2. Carson City
  3. Sparks
  4. Reno

Growth since January 2018 to Present:

Fraud Calls – 742%




As for nuisance calls, Massachusetts residents living in the 339 area code saw a sudden spike in the unwanted calls.

Top 10 Cities include:

  1. Medford
  2. Braintree
  3. Waltham
  4. Lynn
  5. Malden
  6. Wellesley
  7. Stoneham
  8. Wakefield
  9. Lexington
  10. Winchester

Growth since January 2018 to Present:

Nuisance Calls – 1707%




Top 3 Scams hitting 775 and 339 Residents:

Credit Card Rate Scam: Some credit card scammers will tell the victim they are from the victim’s credit card company and they ask them to confirm or give up some personal information, e.g. your credit card number, credit card security code, social security number, or mother’s maiden name. After the call ends, the caller uses the information the victim gave to make charges on their account or to create a new account in your name.

Marriott Hotel Offer: Scammers lure in victims by informing them that they’ve won an all-expense paid hotel stay at the premium brand hotel. Unfortunately, when the scammers requests for personal and financial information to “redeem” the stay, in reality they use the information to access the victim’s accounts.

Medical Brace Scam: Scammers target Medicare patients and offer free knee braces from Medicare. They claim to be referred from a victim’s doctor or caregiver and identify themselves as a representative from Medicare or a medical warehouse. They then request the victim to share their Medicare number and personal information to receive the so-called free brace.

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