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Hiya Receives 2018 AT&T Supplier Award for Call Protect

We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded with AT&T’s 2018 Supplier Award for our outstanding performance and contribution in developing the app “AT&T Call Protect“. With Call Protect, Hiya has helped AT&T address the number one complaint to both the FTC and the FCC (unwanted Robocalls), which also addresses one of AT&T’s 2017 priorities, “Simplify Customer Experience.” Out of AT&T’s 5,000 vendor suppliers, only seven were honored for their hard work over the past year.

According to AT&T: “Hiya is one of seven AT&T 2018 Supplier Award recipients which aligned themselves with AT&T’s priorities and exceeded our expectations in helping us meet our goals,” said Susan Johnson, Executive Vice President Global Connections Management and Supply Chain, AT&T Services, Inc. “Together, we delivered smart solutions, exceeded customer expectations, and executed with innovation and leading edge technology. I am pleased to recognize Hiya who went above and beyond collaborating with us in 2017.”

It is a huge honor to be recognized by AT&T for our efforts in providing the U.S. market’s first answer to call protection and spam detection at the carrier network level. Through our joint efforts in developing Call Protect, AT&T customers, across both iPhone and Android, are now protected from unwanted and fraudulent calls by the market’s most effective solution.

Author Hiya Team