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Are your business calls being flagged as spam?

You call and call again, trying to reach your customers or prospects. Different days, different times, but still no answer. Why don’t the people you call answer? It may be because the incoming call is labeled as spam or even fraud — and you may not even know it.

That’s the case for about half of the business customers surveyed for Hiya’s 2023 State of the Call Report. The report reveals trends and insights related to phone usage and is based on a survey of more than 13,000 consumers and 2,000 business workers.

How aware are businesses?

When workers who use the phone as part of their role at a business were asked, “Do you know if your outbound calls are being marked as spam or blocked as fraudulent?” 48% said they were unsure if it was happening or they don’t know. Another 39% said that they do know their calls are being flagged as spam.  

Wondering if your business calls are being labeled as spam? Hiya offers enterprises a complimentary call inspection so they can discover how their calls show up when making outbound calls. 


Impersonation scams

For businesses, even worse than having calls flagged as spam is when fraudsters impersonate a business in order to steal money or personal information from consumers. Scammers will pretend to be from a certain company and may even spoof their phone numbers to match the real business’s name and/or phone numbers. 

In the survey, 47% of businesses said they were unsure or don’t know if it’s happening, while 39% said they do know it’s happening with their brand. 


Want to stop fraudsters from impersonating your company name and phone numbers? Hiya Connect helps you do just that. 

The Solution

What’s the solution? How can businesses mitigate these problems and increase their answer rates? We asked them and this is what they said:


More than half of respondents said that the key to increasing answer rates is to add identity to the call so customers know who is calling. This can be accomplished by using branded caller ID. For example, Hiya Connect enables enterprises to display their company name, phone number, logo, and reason for the call on customers’ mobile phones. It also prevents scammers from impersonating the company’s name and phone numbers. Learn more about Hiya Connect. 

More survey results

The 2023 State of the Call report is packed with trends and insights that are useful to businesses, carriers, device manufacturers, and consumers. The report reveals the top communication channels for consumers and businesses, the rising threat of phone spam and fraud around the world, the financial and lost-time impacts of spam and fraud calls, and how carriers and businesses can help restore trust in the voice call. 


Download the 2023 State of the Call Report


Watch the 2023 State of the Call Webinar

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