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Political Spam Calls Increase by 3250% In Past Year

Political robocalls fall into two categories legal and illegal. Unfortunately, both types are still on the rise. From candidate mudslinging to requests for donations to survey prize offers, it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate what is and is not legitimate before it’s too late. Scammers will use any tactic to obtain personal information to steal your identity and money.

Quarter over quarter (Q1 2017 to Q2 2018), we’ve seen a 3250% increase in political spam calls. Here is how you can avoid becoming their next victim:

  1. When you receive a call requesting campaign donations, do not offer-up personal information until you have confirmed the caller is with a legitimate organization.
  2. Callers that offer incentives to take campaign surveys should be seen as a red flag, especially when they request credit card information.
  3. To make sure the political call is legitimate, request they send you information by mail.

Author Hiya Team