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Hiya Connect’s Branded Call Empowers MetCredit Canada to Improve Call Center Productivity

Since we’ve expanded our reach in Canada with Rogers, we’re excited to share how MetCredit Canada has improved their call center productivity with Hiya Connect. 


MetCredit Canada has established a strong reputation across the country for its success in helping businesses recoup accounts receivable; they provide a compassionate experience when developing a solution to settle debts. More than 12,000 customers across the healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and other industries trust MetCredit’s specially trained staff. MetCredit’s specially trained staff contact consumers on behalf of their clients to resolve debts quickly.


With spam and fraud becoming a universal problem, MetCredit Canada was increasingly struggling to reach consumers by phone, as their legitimate calls were being reported as spam or going unanswered when the recipient didn’t recognize the number.


“When we started looking into solutions that solved our spam issue, we knew we had to be innovative to get more calls answered,” said MetCredit Canada President and CEO Brian Summerfelt. “We needed to give consumers a reason to answer the phone.”


Recognizing the challenge, MetCredit Canada registered their phone numbers with Hiya. It later implemented Hiya’s Branded Call to boost its success rate by displaying the MetCredit name, logo, and call reason to call recipients on the Hiya network, which includes Samsung phones and a major carrier in Canada. 


With Hiya Connect, MetCredit Canada has powerful new tools to improve its call reputation and overall call center productivity. The company has realized a 37% improvement in answer rate and 55% increase in Right Party Contact (RPC), a metric for how often the correct contact is reached. 


“Before Hiya, our agents were increasingly unable to help consumers find solutions because they couldn’t even reach the consumer,” said Summerfelt. “With Hiya’s Branded Call, agents can now do what they do better than anyone: connect with the right person and help them resolve their debts.” 


To learn more about Met Credit Canada and how Hiya Connect is helping them reach consumers, read our case study.


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