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Massachusetts Continues to See 500% Growth in Spam & Fraud Calls

Here is this week’s top area code targeted by unwanted callers, the top cities affected, the growth in spam and fraud calls and the three scams hitting consumers during the area’s spike in calls.

Check out this week’s victim:

Massachusetts residents living in the 857 area code.

Top 10 cities include: 

  1. Somerville
  2. Milton
  3. Waterton
  4. Cambridge
  5. South Boston
  6. Everett
  7. Quincy
  8. Chelsea
  9. Belmont
  10. Brookline

Growth since January 2018 to Present:

Fraud Calls – 578%




Spam Calls – 426%




Top 3 Scams Hitting 857 Residents:

IRS Scam: Scammers will call and say they are from the IRS and will ask the victims yes/no questions such as: “Can you hear me?”, “Are you the person responsible for paying the telephone bill?”, “Are you the homeowner?” If the victim answer “yes,” it is recorded and may be used by the scammer to authorize bogus charges on a credit card.

Boston Police: A police imposter will call an unknowing victim and inform them that there is a warrant out for their arrest unless they pay THEM a ridiculous amount that is owed on a loan or ticket. Unfortunately, victims may not even have loans or outstanding debt, but because police officers are a symbol of authority, scammers use both our sense of trust and fear to pull a fast one over our heads!

Chinese Embassy Scam: A phone scam targeting individuals with Chinese last names is spreading across the US. Mandarin or English speaking scammers are calling victims and claiming to be from the Chinese Consulate. Victims are informed that they have a package or sensitive information at their local consulate office. The victim is to told that they must retrieve the package or information and are asked to share their credit card number, banking information or social security number to avoid any issues with the consulate.

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