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Webinar: State of the Call Canada 2022

With 94% of consumers thinking that all unidentified calls are fraudulent it is more important than ever to fully optimize your outbound call centers. If not, you may suffer a hit to your bottom line. When a business number is spoofed by a scammer 1 in 10 consumers will change brands. This means that without a well-protected voice channel, your legitimacy and reputation will be at great risk.


Join Director of Product Marketing, Julianne Maila, on June 28th at 10:00 am PT for a webinar on the State of the Call in Canada. Julianne leads product marketing efforts for Hiya’s Connect product. This helps businesses reach their prospects and customers faster and more effectively by bringing trust, identity and intelligence back to the voice call. Prior to Hiya, Julianne drove go-to-market efforts for several products at Apptio, an IT Financial Management software company, including their core IT Financial Management solution, Vendor Insights, and IT Benchmarking. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington. Tune in to learn about the role of voice in the future of work and the ins and outs of phone interactions between consumers and businesses.


Hiya’s global reach is only getting more extensive. The insights and trends uncovered through Hiya’s analysis of more than 150 billion calls can greatly benefit the Canadian voice channel. This analysis was bolstered by an extensive third-party survey of more than 12,000 end users and nearly 2,000 business professionals worldwide. With this crucial data, Canadian businesses will get a better understanding of who is targeted and how much is lost to scam calls.

Be sure to sign up and tune in to the State of the Call in Canada 2022 Webinar. These unique insights from the top minds in telecommunications and the mobile sector will help you connect with your customers and get your calls answered.

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