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Traditional Caller ID vs Branded Caller ID

When you receive a call from an unidentified number, do you answer it or ignore it? If you ignore it, you’re with the majority of individuals who do the same. While ignoring unidentified calls helps protect consumers from the growing problem of scammers, fraudsters, and spoofers plaguing the voice channel, it also causes them to miss important calls from people or businesses they want to talk to, such as a food delivery driver or their doctors’ office following up with test results.


Individuals aren’t the only ones being affected by the lack of trust and transparency on the voice network. With 94% of consumers thinking unidentified calls might be fraudulent, they are screening more calls than ever and the financial impact to businesses are widespread from sales volume, productivity, customer retention and satisfaction, and sales velocity.

The solution? Branded caller ID: Caller ID for the mobile world.


Traditional caller ID & caller ID name (CNAM) 

Traditional caller ID (a phone number display of an incoming call) was created in the 1980s to provide a way for consumers to identify and avoid unwanted calls; caller ID displays the caller name (CNAM) and the phone number associated with the incoming call to landlines. This information is provided by phone carriers and multiple CNAM databases maintained in the United States.

When mobile phones started to become the norm, traditional caller ID & CNAM technology (built for landlines) limited the potential of the voice channel for enterprises making a large number of phone calls that

  • Display name constraints (15 characters, all caps) 
  • Present the wrong caller ID name - if the name is delivered at all 
  • Are unable to measure efficacy or how caller ID is impacting key metrics such as answer rate, contact rate, or call duration


Branded caller ID: Caller ID for the mobile world

Today’s enterprises need to deliver consistent, reliable identity on the phones their customers are using: their mobile phones. 

By leveraging direct network and device integrations with mobile carriers instead of CNAM databases, companies can deliver a consistent, reliable, and accurate caller name on outbound calls. Additionally, branded caller ID gives companies the ability to display a company name of up to 24 characters, a logo, and a reason for the call. 


The two areas that branded caller ID that can provide the biggest impact on your business are control and influence over the branded display and analytical insights on metrics that matter to your contact center. 

  • Control & influence: The highest quality calls will always be those in which a company/caller can control what they want to appear on the display while being able to access a full log of calls that have been influenced by a branded call identity; this is made possible due to the network integration of a branded call service.

  • Analytics and insights: Not all branded call services offer insights into the impact of branded caller ID on KPIs you use to measure contact center success. These metrics include call duration, spam reports, first-call resolution, and more. Make sure you can track, monitor, and optimize your voice performance efforts through real-time analytics 


Go beyond branded caller ID: Supercharge your voice channel  

Branded caller ID is one component of a better call strategy in 2023. Here are a few other things to consider when optimizing your voice performance strategy: 

  • Build trust by monitoring and measuring your business’s reputation health: Branded call identity restores trust in the phone call and positively impacts answer rates and call duration. It also reduces the propensity to report the previously unidentifiable number as spam. Reputation monitoring and management are fundamental parts of any successful voice strategy. Your reputation analytics should give you insights into how often numbers have been blocked or reported, your reputation health over time, and identify agent coaching opportunities 
  • Combine traditional contact center metrics with advanced analytics: Beyond a clean call reputation and fewer spam labels, you want to strive for improved calling operations overall. When you are able to get insights into why consumers report your calls as spam or label them as unwanted, it helps you understand what you need to change


How Hiya can help

With Hiya Connect, monitor and manage your call reputation, register your outbound phone numbers, control the display of your outbound calls, and see the impact of a branded call -  all in one place. 

As the only branded caller ID solution that can brand calls on all 3 major U.S. carriers, the largest carrier in Canada, and Samsung devices worldwide, no other branded caller ID solution reaches more mobile phones than Hiya.  

Interested in seeing how a branded caller ID can impact your business? Get a call assessment to see how it can impact your call metrics beyond the answer rate.

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