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Call transparency for your telecom dialing strategy

With so many phone scams creating uneasiness for consumers, one of the biggest challenges for outbound call centers is establishing ... >

What is call management?

Businesses that experience high call volume would quickly become overwhelmed without proper call management. Manually routing the calls to ... >

Guide to call center audits

What is a call center audit? Audits are one of the ways by which you can evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your call center. ... >

Maximizing efficiency with Hiya Connect's Branded Call: Why ...

In today's digital world, the telephone remains a critical touchpoint for businesses and their customers. Yet, amid the clutter of spam ... >

Call center vs contact center: Part 3

Part 3: Tips and considerations for call center management and operations, continued Your customer’s time is in high-demand. So when your ... >

Call center vs contact center: Part 2

Part 2: Tips and considerations for call center management and operations Understanding and implementing call center best practices can ... >

Scam of the Month: The IRS scam

It used to be that only two things in life were certain: death and taxes. But just as certain as death and taxes are scammers who play on ... >

Call center vs contact center

Part 1: Terminology Where customer service was once limited to face-to-face interactions, modern businesses operate within global markets, ... >

State of the Call 2023 webinar: the importance of identity

“Identity is king.” - Tanvi Saxena, VP of Product Management at Hiya For the 6th year in a row, Hiya has gathered top trends and insights ... >

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