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Hiya’s guarantee: establishing our Customer Bill of Rights

As a customer, interacting with a company can feel like more than just a transaction. In many cases, these interactions are building blocks to a lasting relationship. Everyone can remember poor customer experience at one time or another, like long holding times on a call to speak with a representative or unclear business practices and user agreements. 

A Customer Bill of Rights establishes trust and transparency between the business and its consumers. It articulates the company's commitment to upholding specific standards and practices, ensuring customers understand their rights and the level of service they can expect. At Hiya, a transparent relationship with customers is crucial, so we created a Customer Bill of Rights to ensure customers understand what they can expect from us and our services. 

When our customers choose us, we take that trust seriously. So, what can you expect when you work with us? Here are some core tenets of the Hiya Customer Bill of Rights.

Accountability and transparency with your call service provider  

First, Hiya believes in providing customers with a fully auditable trail of calls impacted by Hiya's services. This level of transparency is not just about giving clarity; it's about building trust.

Another core tenet of this Bill of Rights is the assurance that customers see a clear display of branded caller identities. As a customer, you have a right to see exactly what has been displayed on each consumer's screen for every call your branded caller ID service influences.

Hiya emphasizes that charges for their services will only be applied to calls that have verifiably received a branded call identity. This means businesses using Hiya's services can have confidence that they are only investing in genuine enhancements to their communication strategies, ensuring that every penny spent contributes to a better customer call experience.

With phone scams becoming increasingly sophisticated and malicious entities quickly masking their identities, having a service that enhances caller ID and does so with a solid commitment to accountability and transparency is invaluable. It's not just about knowing who is on the other end of the line; it's about creating an environment where trust can thrive in digital communication. 

This Bill of Rights reflects a broader movement towards more ethical technology and communication services practices. By putting these principles front and center, Hiya is setting a standard for its services and contributing to a larger conversation about telecommunication companies' ethical responsibilities. For businesses, every call could be the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity, so ensuring that calls are clearly identified and trusted is crucial. 

The right to register your numbers should be free 

As more carriers label spam calls, businesses need a way to identify themselves as legitimate callers across their networks. Hiya firmly believes that registering your legitimate business numbers is your right as a business. Hiya Registration enables you to do this for free across global networks, so customer-friendly calls aren’t flagged.

Hiya's services, underpinned by this Bill of Rights, can help businesses improve their outreach efforts, enhance customer trust, and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

Businesses have the right to transparency from their call security provider. When choosing a provider for branded calling or reputation solutions, discernment is crucial. Understanding that your right to register numbers, access to the accountability of all calls influenced by branding, transparency from the service provider, and demonstrable results are within your rights as a customer is a key selection criterion in the decision-making process. 

Further information about Hiya's commitment to accountability and the specifics of its Customer Bill of Rights can be found in the Customer Bill of Rights.

Author Hiya Team