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ZTE Partners with Hiya, Offering Fully Integrated Caller ID and Call Blocking

Beginning today, ZTE USA Axon 7 users will have the power of Hiya built into their smartphone. Because smartphones should be smart, right? With Hiya powering the Axon 7, all U.S. users will have integrated caller profile information, spam detection, and call blocking services from the moment that device turns on. There is no need to download an app; the protection is built right into the device. Smart.

ZTE USA is the first mobile manufacturer to offer a device for the U.S. with these call protection features at no cost to users. With the nuisance of robocalls continuing to rise and defraud consumers out of millions of dollars, it’s refreshing to have an OEM protect its users, and for free!

“ZTE understands this problem and is approaching it head-on by using our tried and true solution that has been fighting unwanted calls for nearly 10 years.” – Alex Algard, Hiya CEO

As Hiya users know, Hiya is all about offering a better phone experience. Smartphones can give us directions to get from Point A to Point B, they can give us calendar alerts, wake us up in the morning, help us cook, tell us the weather, and play music… but identify phone calls? Not on their own. They need help – and more than just a “new phone, who dis?”. The same can be said for blocking calls. Numbers that are known to be fraudulent should never get through to someone’s phone without at least a warning.

With Hiya integrated into the Axon 7, ZTE USA users will now have the option to automatically block fraudulent calls so they never reach their phone. Sounds smart to me.









Author Hiya Team