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New Jersey Scam Calls Spike over 500% Due to Amazon Job Opportunities & Pain Remedies

Targeting New Jersey residents with promises of Amazon stay-at-home jobs and chronic pain remedies, scammers will say just about anything to lure their next victim into their next scheme.

With that being said, here is this week’s top area code targeted by unwanted callers, the top cities affected, the growth in spam and fraud calls and the three scams hitting consumers during the area’s spike in calls.

Check out this week’s victim:

New Jersey residents living in the 848 area code.

Top 10 Cities include:

1) East Brunswick
2) Rahway
3) Toms River
4) Carteret
5) Sayreville
6) Perth Amboy
7) North Plainfield
8) Lakewood
9) Somerset
10) West Long Branch

Growth since January 2018 to Present:

Fraud Calls –  562%




Spam Calls –  517%




Top 3 Scams Hitting 848 Residents:

Amazon Recruiting Scam: Scammers are contacting victims about a work-at-home job opportunity at Amazon. The so-called opportunity would allow the individual to work using her computer for Amazon and would compensate them $500 for only working a couple hours. They’re then directed to a website at or other renditions of the site. Unfortunately, this is not a legitimate site as Amazon’s official site is

Chronic Pain Scam: Consumers are receiving spoofed robocalls claiming to have remedies to chronic pain and that the individuals has been approved through Medicare and Medicaid. To claim the remedies, scammers are requesting victims share personal information and instead of helping the victim they will steal their identity or gain access to the victim’s funds.

Car Warranty Scam: During the call – which often begins automated or pre-recorded the victim may be instructed to press a certain number or stay on the line, then asked to provide personal information, which potentially can be used to defraud the victim. The scammer may have specific information about the victim’s car and warranty that they use to deceive them into thinking they are a legitimate caller.

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