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Galaxy S8 gets local business search inside the native dialer app with Hiya

To all you Samsung smartphone users, when it’s time to find a place to eat, drop off your dry cleaning, or even book a haircut, what’s your go to for information? Yelp? Google? Or even a third-party app, right? Well, if you’re thinking about upgrading and getting the Samsung Galaxy S8, say good-bye to third-party apps, and hello to Hiya Business Profiles!

Making life a little bit easier when it comes to searching for businesses, when you pop into the S8’s native dialer, you’ll see a new tab that has replaced you ‘Favorites’ tab called ‘Places.’

“Places uses your location to list nearby businesses under various categories like financial, health, automotive, public services, restaurants, shopping and more. Users then have to just tap on the local business that they want to call and the native dialer app will do the rest,” said Android News. “It’s so simple yet so useful.”

If you want to take a closer look at how this new Samsung S8 function will make finding a spot for happy hour easier, click on the image below to learn more:




Author Hiya Team