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Voices of Hiya: Scott Downie

We’re excited to introduce a new Hiya blog series - Voices of Hiya. Each month we’ll spotlight one outstanding Hiyan to share more about our team and what it’s like to work at Hiya.


This month we interviewed Scott Downie, Channel Account Manager, based out of our office in London. We all know that he does a fantastic job, but how does he do it? At Hiya, every aspect of our employees, inside and outside of work, makes our team special. Scott is an exemplary part of our team and encapsulates Hiya’s core values to the fullest.


So without further ado, let’s learn more about Scott, what he does, and what makes him an important part of our community:


Why were you interested in working at Hiya?

The interview process was seamless; my time was respected and I felt heard. It was obvious that Hiya was built on a great working culture and a truly supportive environment. Hiya knows how to make space for ideas and innovation, and I have yet to be proven wrong!


How did you get into this role? OR How did you end up at Hiya?

I started my career at BT Group in a business-to-consumer (B2C) operational role, very different from what I do now. I found my way into cybersecurity which developed a real interest in digital transformation and emerging tech. I loved how dynamic channel positions were and knew it was a career path I was going to continue in. A number of years later, along came Hiya with the perfect opportunity!


How has working at Hiya helped you grow?

As my first startup, Hiya has really kept me on my toes. It’s been really rewarding to become more adaptive to a constantly changing environment. With the proper support, startups are incredibly thrilling. I truly fell in love with the company’s pace and atmosphere.


What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is just another adventure. Whether I'm on a beach, up a mountain, on a plane, or on a train, traveling makes me feel alive. I love going to new places and exploring everything that it has to offer.


What is your favorite home-cooked meal?

This may be very cliché, but I love anything my grandma cooks! As for my mum’s cooking…she does the best that she can.


What are the qualities of a perfect teammate?

Energy and enthusiasm to get the job done – it’s contagious. I also find it super motivating to have a really talented team around me. Luckily for me, this is for sure the case at Hiya.


Where is home for you?

I live in London but I’m from Glasgow in Scotland – the best city in the world! Don’t let Edinburgh fool you, there is so much more in Scotland to experience. 


If you had to trade lives with a living celebrity who would it be?

Easy. As a budding adventurer, I would love to live the life of David Attenborough! His intelligence, compassion, and love of the world, are aspects of his life that I deeply admire.


If you could have a superpower what would it be?

The ability to teleport would be amazing. Commuting in the London rush hour is not pleasant. I would also be able to explore the corners of the globe in no time at all!


When was the last time you took a moment to enjoy nature? What did you do?

Living in a big city makes it tough to experience nature, but I love to visit my home in Scotland which has amazing scenery and lots of open space. I usually enjoy long walks and playing at the beach with our family dog. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy nature in Scotland!


What makes you genuinely laugh?

Full transparency – I cannot resist a terrible dad joke.


If you could eliminate one thing from existence what would it be?

Spam and fraud of course!


What was your most memorable day off work or school?

On my way to a seminar for my MBA, I received an email that COVID rates were climbing and that the university would be closing for the foreseeable future. That’s when the pandemic became real for me. I had no idea it would last so long. The only positive thing was a really tricky exam got shifted online…you have to take the silver linings when you get them!


What’s your dream trip? Or, what’s the next place you want to visit?

Antarctica is an absolute bucket list item for me. I hate cold weather, but it has been a dream for a while now. One day I’ll make it to that glorious hub of unique natural and scientific exploration.


What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Abba…but I’m not even guilty about it.


What motivates you to do your best every day?

Setting clear goals, both professionally and personally. 


If you could have an anachronistic profession/trade what would it be?

If I could maintain the knowledge that I have today I would definitely become a tech investor in the 90s. Hello Amazon, Google, and Facebook!

Who do you look up to?

My grandparents, including those no longer here. They have always been strongly supportive figures in my life and would never hesitate to help when I need it – including calling me out when I’m wrong, which has definitely happened over the years. 


Adventure, exploration, compassion, and a supportive community all make up this incredible Hiyan. Stay tuned for next month’s Voices of Hiya, where we highlight another team member that makes up our wonderful organization.

If you are interested in adding your voice to the Hiya team, check out our careers  page to explore open opportunities.


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