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Get Prepped for Tax Time: How Tax Professionals Can Build Trust with their Clients During Tax Season

Each year, spring brings with it a quintessentially American activity– and we’re not talking about baseball.  

That’s right folks, step right up to the plate for tax season. 


Each April all Americans and their businesses, large and small, must file their taxes. And with the tax code continuing to become increasingly complicated and the grave consequences of filing your taxes incorrectly, many of these people lean on tax professionals to make sure they get it right. But with so many options out there for tax professionals, how do customers select their CPA? 


Often, it’s through word of mouth – a friend tells their friend about their CPA who’s great: responds promptly to calls and email, is organized and reliable, has nary made a single mistake on their tax returns. In other words, a person they trust. How does a tax professional build that trustworthy reputation in their community? 


Here are a few ways: 


  1.  Create an Informative Website

Sure, word of mouth is how consumers will hear about you – but they’ll become your customers if you can convey exactly what you do, how you work, and other pertinent FAQs. Otherwise, you’ll be fielding all of these questions over the phone, which will be a huge drain on your time and resources – time and resources you could be putting towards helping most customers.  

  1. Get it Done Early 

If you have recurring customers, try to get their taxes done as early as possible. Send out communications as early in the year as possible. Consider offering an incentive or discount for those customers that provide you with all their documents before January 31st. 

  1. Respond to All Customers Communications Promptly 

There’s a lot riding on taxes being filed properly; so naturally, customers will experience an increase in anxiety over this time period. In order to create a positive experience and quell these anxieties, respond to questions about tax filing within a 24-48 hour period. Communicate this response time expectation upfront and stick to it in order to earn trust with your client. 

Want more tips for handling tax season? Download How to Make This Tax Season A Success here.

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