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What Is a Branded Call? Display a Branded Caller ID | Hiya

We’ve all had the experience of seeing an unknown number pop up on our phones. Without thinking, we answer the call, only to hear, “[car warranty scam beginning.]” The frustration we feel from this spam call, coupled with the frequency we experience it, leaves us with a sour taste in our mouths. It’s no wonder  94% of unknown calls go unanswered. And for call centers that regularly make outbound calls, this has detrimental effects.

That’s why branding your calls with your business name is so important. With a Branded Call, the caller ID displays a caller’s company name, location, logo, and other identifiable information before the call even starts. Instead of seeing “unknown caller” and worrying about the nuisance of a potential spam call, a Branded Call allows customers to identify and trust the source of a call immediately.

Let your customers know you're calling. With branded caller ID, display your company name, logo, and location to engage with more people, faster.

Benefits of Having a Branded Caller ID

Although agencies like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are trying to use their resources to stop the exponential increase in spam calls, they’re simply not moving fast enough to impact consumers’ answer rates in the near future. This leaves businesses to look for other solutions. Below, we cover four benefits of branded caller ID. 


Advanced caller ID systems, like Hiya Connect Branded Call, give you options to display your company name, location, and logo so the customer can quickly identify your team. Recipients who trust your calls are more likely to choose your company over other competitors. 

Security and Spam

Fraudsters are always ready and willing to impersonate well-known companies—and with people more connected to their phones than ever before, telecom scams are their method of choice. But with Hiya’s Branded Call, by providing your company name and logo, you can assure your customers that your call is legitimate. Hiya also offers Secure Call, an additional feature that pre-authenticates outbound calls before they are made, securing your branded caller identity, and protecting your customers from falling victim to fraudsters using your numbers.


The customer's experience of the call will influence whether they have a positive or negative perception of your business. A Branded Call will help create a visual experience that draws the customer in and increases their positive association with the business and its call center. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing vehicle, so it is important to remember that positive interactions often lead customers to spread the word.  

Increase Answer Rates

Imagine you get two calls—one says “unknown number” and the other says a company’s name. Which one are you going to answer? Call centers with a branded caller ID through Hiya report an average 80% increase in answer rates. Customers pick up the phone when they know who’s calling.

What Are The Risks of Not Having a Branded Caller ID?

At this point, you should be quite familiar with the fact that branded caller ID can improve the efforts of your contact center dramatically. But what are the  risks associated with not having a Branded Call? Consider the following: 

Unanswered Calls

What do most people do when they encounter an unknown number? They ignore the call. As a result of being unable to communicate essential information to your customers, your company’s bottom line will suffer.

Blocked Calls

Without a branded caller ID, customers have no way of distinguishing your legitimate calls from a scam caller. When customers receive repeated unknown calls from your efforts to contact them, it’s likely that customers will block or report your number. When this happens often, your calls are more likely to be marked as spam. When this happens, answer rates plummet.

Blocked and reported calls are detrimental for your company’s answer rates, which in turn cause them to drop your Net Promoter Score (NPS). When you can’t get through to customers, the quality of your service plummets.

Damaged Reputation

When consumers cannot trust your company’s calls or get in contact with you, it starts affecting their perception of your brand. Imagine you are waiting for a call from your food delivery service on the status of your order. Time goes by and you haven’t received an update. You’d be pretty frustrated and your confidence in the company would plummet. While the delivery driver could have been calling you all along, you didn’t answer the calls because you didn’t know who was calling or because the call had a spam label. As more and more customers stop answering their phones for unknown calls, this damaged reputation can snowball into massive losses as customers choose other delivery services.

How Hiya Can Help

Want to know how you can brand your business name when calling an iPhone or Android? Getting Hiya Connect can help you  change your caller ID to accurately identify and increase your answer rates. The Branded Call feature helps call centers display their company name, location, logo, and informative reasoning for calling. This will help your business contact the right individuals while building trust in your brand. Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform also gives you the ability to:

  • Track the impact of Branded Call over time
  • Monitor your caller reputation health
  • Understand why calls have been blocked or reported
  • Secure calls and prevent number hijacking

Interested in the latest trends and insights about the voice call? Download our State of the Call Report for key learnings your contact center can use to improve its strategy.

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