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Features of call center management software

There are a wide variety of call center management software options available, all with different interfaces, benefits, and features. Because your call center management software will be the central software for your business, you will want to carefully consider which is best for you and your business needs.

What is call center management software?

Call center management software is a multi-channel program that manages all aspects  of a call center. In addition to assisting agents in the handling and direction of calls, this software also manages agents and workflow, as well as tracks and displays metrics. This center management software must be able to manage a variety of customer communications from a variety of channels, and then effectively track and display metrics regarding those calls.

What types of software do call centers use?

There are several types of software setups that call centers commonly use.

On-premise call center software is physically located within the call center. This type of software utilizes phone lines to connect phones to the main management system. This means that agents have to be located inside of the call center in order to make calls. 

The other type option is cloud-based call center software. This software is hosted in the cloud and managed by a third-party. Since the software is stored by the third party, agents are able to connect from virtually anywhere that they have access to the internet. Additionally, cloud-based software has the capability to manage other contact methods, like chats or emails. 

Call center management software features

Omnichannel software: 

These days, it is common for companies to have multiple channels by which they can be contacted – by phone, email, text, or even social media. Having a Call Center software that is optimized for an omnichannel experience gives agents access to all previous correspondence history that a customer may have, no matter which channel it comes from. Customers have come to expect this kind of connected response, so a management software that can provide them with this context is important. 

Interactive voice response:

Another feature is Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR is typically an automated menu or voice response system that can assist customers with basic questions and gather preliminary information before they reach an agent. While this can be frustrating to customers, the benefits outweigh their brief frustrations. IVR means that a portion of customers may have their questions answered without ever having to speak with an agent, which will decrease the time it takes for customers to receive answers, and reduce the wait for customers who have more complex problems that require speaking with an agent. 

Call routing:

Call routing is one of the most central tasks of call center management software. This feature allows customers to quickly reach the right person who can address their issue. This can be done through automatic routing, or by asking customers to select a department from a list of options. IVR can also be utilized to route calls.

CRM integration:

Your call center likely has a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software already in place that is managing customer contact information and interactions between different departments, including notes, service tickets and other relevant information. One important feature of call center management software is its ability to integrate with existing CRM platforms to provide the best customer experience. 

Reporting and analytics:

Your software needs to not only perform the right actions, but should also be able to track and manage your call center metrics, and then display reports and analytics on those metrics. This real time data will motivate your agents, and allow you to efficiently present the business value of your department to your stakeholders and customers

Call scripting:

Call scripting is a crucial part of preparing agents to answer customer questions and resolve concerns. Scripts can even be activated by certain keywords that are said on a call, prompting agents with information they need to respond. Call scripting also means that all agents receive the same information. This provides a cohesive experience for customers, regardless of which agent they speak with. 

Call recording:

Being able to refer back to calls through recordings gives your call center control over a variety of elements. Recordings can be used for quality checks to ensure that customer questions are being answered correctly and efficiently. They can also prove valuable as training demonstrations, as well as individual performance reviews. Recording of calls also provides legal safeguards and an accurate record of customer interactions with call center agents. 

Outbound campaign management:

If your call center is involved with outbound calls, outbound campaign management features will be crucial to have included in your management software. Outbound management features can assist with everything from auto-dialing to call scheduling and routing. You can also manage campaigns, audiences, and regulations that may apply to your campaign. The best outbound management software also includes data tracking regarding your previous campaign success to inform your strategy. 

Escalation management:

Call center management software will often include procedures and safeguards for calls that need to be escalated. Call scripting and call routing features can assist agents in quickly moving calls to the correct department or person. Escalation management features also give agents power to provide customers with additional benefits, discounts, or products when they may be upset or frustrated. 

What kind of solution is Hiya?

Now that you’re ready to make an informed decision about the right call center management software for your company, you should also consider adding Hiya to your  software stack. Hiya seamlessly integrates with management software to provide additional benefits to your agents and customers that will improve the customer experience.

Benefits and product features include: 

  • Branded call -  As customers receive a call from your organization, they will see your logo and location. You can even include a brief reason for calling to increase answer rates.
  • Analytic dashboards - Easily track and display call metrics with easy-to-read analytic dashboards. Plus, take advantage of custom analytics and advanced intelligence only available from Hiya.

The software you choose to use in your call center is the core of the everyday operations of your business. The right solution should improve call center efficiency and as a result, drive revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Make sure that you understand the features available in various call center management softwares before you make your decision. Once you’ve chosen one that will work for your operation needs, check out our Branded Caller ID Buyer’s Guide for information on using Hiya software to boost your call center success.

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