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How Professional Tax Preparers Can Stay Connected this Season

Rather than drown in a sea of paperwork, businesses and individuals turn to professional tax preparers. The end of tax season means the beginning of crunch time for your tax preparation organization; be sure to keep your team up to speed as they experience an influx in customer calls. By utilizing modern training and tools, you will be able to optimize your voice channel to meet the demand. Increase your call capacity with a team of skilled agents equipped for success.


Reroute your calls with an optimized IVR. This level of automation can help you keep up with the incoming flow of calls. You can separate each department based on customer needs. For example, scheduling can be reached through one extension, while general inquiries are associated with another. If you can categorize the possible reasons for consumer calls, you can help keep your phone lines clear from unnecessary traffic. Open phone lines mean that customer questions will be answered in a timely manner. This will reduce call abandonment rates and the amount of time that your potential customers are kept on hold. IVRs also free up your agents, allowing them to maintain quality connections without feeling overwhelmed.

Prioritize Training

In the accounting and tax preparation industries, everything comes down to the success of your agents. Keep your team up to date with the latest technology and techniques. If your staff is prepared for the increased volume, then they will be able to facilitate quality calls; quality calls lead to conversation, conversation leads to conversion, and conversion leads to a sale. You need to invest in your call center team to get the best results. Make sure they are armed with as much information as possible. Also, the right tools make all the difference, Branded Caller ID can mitigate stressors on your organization by staying ahead of your customers.

Brand Your Calls

Take stock of your past customers and get ready to reach out. If you can connect with them before the oncoming wave of calls, you can ease the pressure of this busy tax season. Remember, every one of your customers needs to have their taxes done. The only issue is that customers tend not to answer calls they don’t recognize. Navigate around this problem with the use of Branded Caller ID. If you can get your customer to answer your calls, you will save yourself time and money. Rather than just a number, project your firm’s name, logo, and reason for calling. This will show the customer that you are a reputable business and not a spoof or a scam call.

Tax season is getting down to the wire. Be sure to reach out to those that haven’t contacted your firm yet. Branded Caller ID will make sure your calls get answered. A well trained staff and an optimized IVR are also vital assets to your tax season strategy. Be sure to check out our guide for a successful tax season.

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